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Happy 2016!
Listening:  Football is on for background noise, not because I am watching it!  If I turn it to something I actually want to watch, it would distract me.  

Loving:  We have lived in Texas for about 5 years now but our families still live in Massachusetts.  So, we spent Thanksgiving and Christmas without them.  We used to go home for at least one of the holidays but traveling with my then nine month old over the summer wasn't very much fun so we decided to just stay home for the holidays.  But, my grandmother is coming to stay with us in a week for a couple of weeks and then my parents are coming in February.  So, I'm excited to see them and have some company during the day.
Thinking:  This is how New Year's Eve started in the afternoon but then by dinner we had a vomiting one year old!  Why!?!?!?  I knew there had to be reason she was so quiet all day.  Thankfully she only threw up a couple of times and I got her to bed again for the night at about 9, but then I went to bed having no clue how many times we would be up during the night.  I had every intention of watching How to Make a Murderer on Netflix and just relaxing but not so lucky.  There's always next year!
Wanting:  Every month all I ever want is cooked food...and a chance to eat it, ha!  We actually went out to an early dinner yesterday but Gracie refused to eat or sit still so we had to take it to go.  And then when we got home she was sick...guess that's why she wouldn't eat.  Leftovers aren't really the same.
Needing:  I really need Gracie to feel better!  Thankfully she hasn't thrown up today but she still isn't herself and I haven't let her eat much.  (Last time she had the stomach bug I thought she was better a few times, but she still threw up after 24 hours of being totally I am not optimistic that we are out of the woods yet!)  Not only do I obviously not want her feeling badly, but I don't want to be stuck inside all weekend either.  But, we went through this a couple of months ago (on  her birthday ironically) so at least this time I was more prepared with extra pajamas, extra sheets, pedialyte, and I know what not to let her eat for a couple of days.

One Little Word:  ME!  I have been talking to my husband a lot lately about giving ME that I can get back to blogging and TpT and just have some time for myself and you know, maybe eat once and a while.  Of course this weekend she's sick and only wants me, so it's not starting off so well, but hopefully soon.


  1. I totally understand your ME time! Time is on my agenda this year as well! I sure hope your little one starts to feel better soon. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. I like you one little word. It is nice to have ME time. Try to build on small minutes of me time! I am sure it can be hard when you have a little one who wants you! Good luck and Happy New Year!

  3. Oh my I hope that sweet baby is feeling better! Nothing worse than a throwing up child. My baby girl (she's 27 now) was a projectile vomiter as a baby- like a scene from The Exorcist! Boy, that was fun at 2 in the morning! Thankfully, that didn't last long. Have a great January!
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  4. Oh no! I hope your sweet little one starts feeling better soon! It's so tough when our kids are sick, especially at that age. Hope you get some ME time soon. I've really had to put most of blogging on the back-burner this year, and the gym is next to impossible to get to. It's so hard to find time for yourself.

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