How to get your Amazon Prime Membership Extended for FREE

Find out how to get your Amazon Prime membership extended for FREE!  These tips really work.  I love my two day shipping from and won't be paying this year!

So I love Amazon Prime but I won't be paying for it this year because I've already had my subscription extended an extra year FOR FREE!
See that fine print at the bottom after the word note?  It basically says that when your Prime package doesn't arrive when it's supposed to, you will get a free month of Prime added to your account, up to 12 per year.  

UPS and Fed Ex around here are great.  The packages always come when they are supposed to.  But honestly our Post Office is awful.  A lot of times the packages are transferred over to the USPS for delivery and where I live that means there's a 50/50 shot of it being a day or two late or lost because they delivered it to the wrong address.  Usually it shows up eventually but still annoying.

Here's what you need to do to get your free monthly extensions:

Click help at the top of your Amazon account.

Scroll down to need more help.  And then select contact us over on the right.
You have to select the item you are contacting them about, the one that is late. The most recently ordered item shows.  If it's not that one, select choose a different order and find it. 
Once you find the order with the item you are contacting them about, make sure to check the little box next to it before continuing.
Make your choices with the two drop down arrows describing your problem and them click contact Amazon.
I typically choose email because it's easier for me.  You will usually get a response in a couple hours, although I believe it says within 24-48 hours.
Choose to write your own message, otherwise you will just get updated shipping information sent to you (which you can get yourself through tracking your orders in your account).  Simply write something about how you pay for Amazon Prime but that this item arrived one day later than it was supposed to. I used to put a lot of details and mention how in their terms of service if a Prime item doesn't arrive when it is supposed to, I am eligible for a free month. However, I have found it really isn't even necessary.  

Within a few hours you will receive a program response about how they are sorry and to make it up to you they have added one month onto your subscription.  I don't have any in my email right now to share or I would. 

A couple of notes:
-Sometimes they will even give you a $5 credit to your account as well!  It says above the limit per annual membership is 12 months free...not sure if this is per year or what but lately I've been getting money instead of additional months.  But hey, that works for me too!  
-You can contact them before or after your item is finally delivered.  Usually they will make you wait until one day after delivery and then send you another if you need it ASAP.  But once it's been delivered and is officially late, if they didn't give you your free month, go through the process again.
-If you have to have a replacement sent to you because your product simply never comes, they will send it in one day.  If the original product shows up eventually, they'll never ask for it you might get two!
-Sometimes I will order something that says Prime, but the delivery date is more than two days away.  If you contact them for this, sometimes they can move the delivery date sooner.  If you contact them after delivery questioning why it took more than 2 days, sometimes they will credit you with one month and other times they will say shipping estimates are based on warehouse availability and it gives you the estimated arrival date when ordering (which is true, but worth a shot).

Did you know about this?  It's saving me from having to renew my Prime membership this year!  Follow my business/blogging board on Pinterest for other tips and tricks.

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  1. This is awesome. I ordered something and it was suppose to be here Wednesday and still hasn't shown up. I just followed your steps! Thanks so much!


  2. Oh my gosh this is AMAZING!!! Totally going to do that the next time I get a late shipment. Thank you :)
    The Techie Teacher

  3. You are amazing! I did this today for a package that should have been here on 12-24. I got a credit and extra month of prime. This is the best information! Thank you so much for sharing!


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