Five for Friday {12/4/15}

I actually blogged this week!  I participated in a Reading in a Winter Wonderland Hop with the Reading Crew.  The book giveaway is now over, but there were so many wonderful posts about winter books, many that will likely be new to you.  Click here to find the primary hop and here for the upper grades hop.  Many of the freebies are still available and the ideas are always free.   
My post was about a new book titled Blizzard by John Rocco.
There are a bunch of seasonal freebies that were posted on my blog this week.  Click on any of this images below to find the corresponding posts and pick them up!
But to be honest, I've spent most of my time this week sweeping up crushed goldfish, animal crackers, teddy grahams, and pretzels from the floor...over and over and over and over and over and over (no exaggeration here).  Snacking has hit it big with my 13 month old all of a sudden.  Fortunately, she has really taking a liking to the broom.  Unfortunately, the one that is her size is wrapped and under the tree.  Maybe there is hope for help in the near future!    Note to the world:  Do not get dark hardwood floors in your kitchen.  They will never, ever be clean.
We got ready for Christmas this week by setting up our little fake tree so now our cat has a new home for a while. I've already done all of my Christmas shopping so everything is wrapped and around it.  We live away from our families, so most of their presents for my daughter have been delivered and wrapped too.   It rained all last weekend, so this weekend I need to convince my husband to put some lights up outside. 
We are also counting down to Christmas with 25 days of winer themed board books so that has been fun!  My daughter especially loves the "Baby Loves..." flip books by Karen Katz right now and the little ones with the finger puppet in the middle are a huge hit too.  Check out all the books we are using by clicking here.
And this is how we spent the rest of our time...playing (certainly not napping, too busy for that)!  
P.S. Make sure you like my Facebook page because on Sunday I will be participating in a Texas seller hop and you will have the opportunity to win 20 winter themed products!


  1. Adorable photos! How do you get involved in a blog hop?

  2. The reading in a winter wonderland blog hop sounds fab!! Love your christmas decs - the tree looks fabulous!

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