Five for Friday {12/11/15}

I finally changed the ugly quote box in my TpT store and made it rotate these three images!  It was actually super easy so go for it if you haven't yet.  
I used this tutorial from Pitch Clips and highly recommend it!
If you are an Amazon Prime member, you have to check out this post if you've ever gotten a late package.  I share how to get your membership extended one month every time it happens.  I already have this next year for free!
I linked up with Comprehension Connection for Thematic Thursday and shared a list of 12 Christmas books that celebrate kindness and generosity.  Check them out here if you are looking for some read alouds to use over the next couple of weeks!
We've had two Santa fails this week...although I suppose attempt number two was an improvement since I got a photo of her and Santa alone before having to rescue her!  Poor Gracie.

We've been enjoying some really nice weather here near Houston.  I could do without the rain this weekend but can't complain about the temperature.  The biggest dilemma is figuring out whether to have the heat or the air turned on during the night!  

Speaking of which, we have a really open floor plan for our house so the upstairs "game room" looks down over the living room.  It causes a lot of problems with heating and cooling correctly.  My daughter's room is upstairs all the way down the hallway, where the sun beats on it all day and it's also above the garage.  Anyway, her room was always hot or cold and would change like ten degrees in one day.  So this week we had some HVAC work done and now her room has it's very own thermostat and is whatever temperature I set it to within a couple of minutes.  So awesome not having to worry about it anymore during the night especially!


  1. LOVE your new quote box - it looks great! Bless you with your santa fails LOL, at least you tried twice though!! :)

    Teaching Autism

  2. Awww, your sweet baby and Santa! I can remember being scared of Santa when I was about 8 years old! Thank you for the tip about Amazon Prime- I passed that on to my son about two days ago when he was looking for a package that was late! Your banner looks fabulous! I love making new banners! Have a great Christmas!
    Teachers Are Terrific!


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