Christmas Book Countdown Toddler Style & Freebie Number Tags

Now that Gracie has turned one and has been walking for months (and thus spewing goldfish while simultaneously throwing temper tantrums in Target when I make her sit in the cart so I can return everything she has grabbed to the shelves), I consider her to be in full on toddler mode.  One of the more enjoyable parts is that she loves reading books!  She picks up her books and flips the pages and it's soooo cute, especially when they are upside down and she looks so serious.  She also loves us to read the same books to her over and over (and over and over and over)...too hard to say no regardless of the monotony.

So this year we are going to countdown to Christmas with books!  You've seen the pictures all over Facebook and Pinterest the past couple of years right?  I really wanted to do it last year but deep down knew Gracie would have no clue at two months old...I tried to convince my husband anyway but he didn't go for it.
So, I've got all 25 of our books wrapped and labeled!  I chose to number them because there are certain books I wanted opened on certain nights (like The Night Before Christmas on the 24th) and also because I didn't do all Christmas only books. So I marked the winter theme books with early numbers and then did the Christmas specific books towards the end of the countdown.  I was thinking that in the future it would be fun to just let her choose what book to open without any numbers too.  You can get the tags for free by clicking one of the images below.
Now, what makes this toddler style is that these are ALLLLL board books.  So if your child can't be trusted with regular books yet, don't worry there are still TONS of options for you!  Below are all of the books we have wrapped up.  If you click on the images, they will take you to the Amazon page.  There were a few that we had from last year, I bought some with a B&N gift card, and then the rest I got from Amazon.  Some of them are literally less then $4 so it's really up to you how much you want to spend.  You could even get them from the library, tag sales, the dollar stores, etc.  I plan to replace a few each year with more "grown up" books as she is ready.

This is a personalized book and the only one that isn't a board book.  We do have a Night Before Christmas board book too, but I couldn't find it on Amazon. Here is another one though if you're looking.  Gracie got one last year as a gift from her aunt. It's really cute because her name as well as ours (and our cats!) are all throughout the book.  I'm sure she'll really enjoy it when she gets older. The book is sold through I See Me! Personalized Story Books and right now there is a Groupon for it.

This would be so much fun to do in the classroom too!  You'd need less books because of the weekends and I bet we all have enough winter and holiday themed texts to make it work.  If not, use your library!  Has anyone done this before?  


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