Flipping for Fall Mentor Texts {The Little Scarecrow Boy}

Welcome to the Flipping for Fall Mentor Texts hop!  This is an amazing hop because you not only will you pick up lots of freebies and ideas related to fall texts, but you will actually be able to WIN THE BOOKS!  You will find the start of the hop here.  I am part of the primary hop, but you will also find the links to an upper grades hop there as well.
The mentor text I chose is "The Little Scarecrow Boy" by Margaret Wise Brown.  It is such a sweet story with adorable pictures.  It has lots of repetition, would be great to use for retelling, teaching story elements, theme, and even vocabulary.
To briefly summarize, the little scarecrow boy wants to be FIERCE like his father and scare away the crows.  He practices and practices making all of six his father's scary faces, but each day is told he must stay home and grow because he is not yet FIERCE enough.  One day he decides to go out anyway without permission.  He makes all his faces but the crows keep flying at him.  Eventually, his father stands behind him and scares the crows away, but the little scarecrow boy thinks he is the one who did it with his final FIERCE face, feels proud, and grows up to be a FIERCE scarecrow.  

When I was teaching second grade, one thing we worked a lot on was character traits, especially feelings and supporting responses with evidence from the text. "How is the character feeling?"  "Happy."  "Why?" "..."  Sound familiar?  I found that students really need A LOT of scaffolding with this and sentence stems and graphic organizers really helped.

When I went back and reread "The Little Scarecrow Boy" I thought it was the perfect book for analyzing how a character's feelings CHANGE throughout the story.  So I made a little flip book to help guide students.
Students need to complete the scarecrow face on the front for the beginning, middle, and end of the story to show how the little scarecrow boy was feeling.  Then, underneath each flap, they need to complete the prompt by choosing a feeling word that matches their illustration and support their choice with evidence from the story.

Click the image below to download the freebie from my TpT store.  Make sure to follow my store while you are there, as that will be a Rafflecopter entry at the end of the hop!
I definitely recommend making an anchor chart with feelings for your students before getting into this type of activity so that they can go beyond words like happy/sad and be more specific.  Here are a couple of freebies that I found.
Click the image below to find some adorable scarecrow crafts from Crafty Morning if you have time for that sort of thing!
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Collect the mystery words in orange (mine is FIERCE) from each post and record them on the recording sheet to increase your chances!

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  1. This is perfect! I'm working on how characters change throughout the story next week :) Great freebie!

  2. I love your post, and I hope you don't mind that I linked it up with my Thematic Thursday post since the theme this week was scarecrows. This was a perfect fit! Thanks for the cute freebie!


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