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I'm a day or two late, but I wanted to link up with Blog Hoppin' for teacher week. At least it's still the same week, right?
First up, some sanity savers.  I'm not good with word walls...I don't always have the words ready, struggle with making them all fit, and also with making them usable or visible to students.  So last year I tried a moveable word wall for sight words and loved it!  Since I taught second, I just put them all up since they are all over the place in this area.  The kids loved it, because the words were portable they used it a ton, and it kept me from having to have words ready every day or week to add.  Click on the images below to see a blog post with more info.
I ALWAYS precut everything I can for my students.  I do this for two save time and to keep them from making a mess.  I hate scraps everywhere and I hate wasting time on things like cutting.  So if I were to have something like below for my students I would use the paper cutter and precut the two little pages before giving them to my students.  Then they can just cut out the word boxes quickly with no mess!
I also gave using station bookmarks a try last year and they worked great!  I didn't have the problem of broken clothespins or lost station tags.  They also took up no space, just a little bucket.  If they got lost, I just reprinted them. Best of all, they provide students SOME choice (they get to choose the bookmark with their three tasks) but essentially eliminate the arguing while choosing or the need to monitor how many people can be at each station (I kept this in mind while creating the bookmarks).  Click on the image below to read more and find them for FREE!
Annnnd of course my favorite subject to teach is READING!! Specifically to first graders.  I just think that's such a special (and important) time for kids learning to read and I love the challenge!  Plus I LOVE books.
This table (or the floor) is my favorite place to be during the day!  I love working with my kids in small groups and really figuring out their strengths and weaknesses so that I can help them grow.  I also like seeing the rest of my kids work with one another without my help.  Makes me proud!
Click on the image below to download this sign for free in my TpT store.
I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

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