TpT Seller Challenge: Dare to Dream

I am continuing with the TpT seller challenge this week.  The challenge is titled "Dare to Dream."

To be honest, I am completely starting over with blogging and TpT since being pregnant last year and having my baby 7 months ago.  I just couldn't do it all anymore and let it go.  But if I had to dream again about what TpT would do for me, here they are.
Now, I do currently stay home with my baby.  I did this past school year and will the next.  I'm just not sure how long I can do it for.  If I had my choice, it would be until she starts school.  Or at least preschool part time or something.  I don't want to send her to daycare before she can talk!
But, I like to spoil her a that's why I say I'm not sure how long we can afford for me to stay home.  I imagine that having a child only gets more expensive as they get older.

I hated having to work while in college and then pay back loans after.  My husband went for his doctorate and we just paid off his EXTREME loans.  It really annoyed me having to pay for that every month.  So I want to save as much for her as possible so she can do what she wants and not have money holding her back.  We save a certain amount each month and my husband invests it.
I'm already planning our first trip to Disney World for September 2017.  I know, crazy right?  But it's just before baby girl turns 3, so she's still free but will be much older and able to enjoy it more than now.  If I can wait that long...I've been reading up.  I want to make enough money so that we can go on vacation every year, in addition to flying back home to see family.

Finally, and most pressing, is that I want an SUV!!  Both my husband and I have cars right now and it's a pain with a baby, car seat, stroller, etc.  He basically wants the money saved BEFORE we buy it.  Which I get, but still don't like.  His solution to everything is spend solution to everything is make more money.  Two different philosophies.  But both get the job done, right?!


  1. Haha! Your comment about you and your husband's different philosophies (spend less/make more) cracks me up! I hope you are able to achieve all your dreams. TPT is awesome!

    Adventures of a Schoolmarm

  2. I love your philosophy- just make more money! LOL- seems easy enough, right? :)
    Your daughter is adorable.

  3. When my kiddos were little, we had one of the huge suburbans and it was lovely. I wish we had never sold it! Good Luck achieving those dreams!!

  4. Jessica, your baby girls is adorable! You definitely need an SUV-it's a life changer with kids! I know you want to go to Disney World before she turns 3, but just in case you can't save up enough, you still have a little extra time...they don't check birth certificates and if she has a pacifier or your husband holds her, she'll look younger! LOL! (not that I've ever done that!). Enjoy every moment with her!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  5. Our husbands sound so alike. He says, "if we can't pay cash we don't need it." I say, "we will be paying cash, just a little at a time." Its tough, but rewarding, to be married to such a financially smart husband. Good luck with your goals. I know that you staying home with her would be rewarding for both of you!

    Simply Secondary

  6. Your daughter must be close to my daughter's age (born 11/18). I can't believe she's standing! Such a fun time. It is next to impossible to stay on top of blogging while pregnant. I started mine, then found out I was pregnant with #3 just a few months later! I tried to keep going, but my posts were definitely sporadic! Good luck!
    Not very fancy in 1st

  7. Your daughter is so beautiful! I'm glad you are back blogging! Good luck on all your goals! :)

  8. Love your goals and it's so exciting that you're already planning your first trip. My husband has a similar issue with buying a bigger car, although it more so has to do with not wanting to pay a car payment since both of ours are paid off right now. I haven't posted my dreams yet. I better get to it! Thanks for sharing yours!

    Teaching In A Nutshell


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