Makeover Madness TpT Seller Challenge

I was feeling a bit left out and could also use the motivation, so I decided to join the TpT Seller Challenge (follow the link for details).
Week 1 is Makeover Madness (follow the link for details or to join in).  I don't even know what happened to my VERY first product for TpT...I deleted it at some point because it was so awful looking.  Some my other first products haven't sold very well, so they probably are in need of a makeover someday, but first I tackled one of my best sellers: Possessive Noun Hunts
The original product was not available in black and white (and probably didn't print well in grayscale because of the lavender font...), was a bit crazy looking, and contained only two hunts - singular and mixed.  Not sure why I didn't include a plural hunt and why the title doesn't say huntS!
I basically ended up redoing the whole thing and I think it looks a lot clearer.  It now has the black and white versions as well.  I also added a third set of cards and created a preview page.
Check it out here on TpT!  If you've already purchased the product, make sure to redownload it so you get the updated version.

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  1. Wow, it looks amazing! Definitely something I could use with my second graders!
    :) Colleen
    Totally Terrific in Texas


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