Five for Friday

This 7 month old cutie has learned to dance!  She is shaking her booty to Luke Bryan's "Shake it for Me."  So cute, I even submitted it to Ellen!  We worked on this and giving a high five for about a week.  It makes my wonder how much babies at this age are capable of learning, since she picked up both.
My blog came back from the dead and I joined the TpT Sellers Challenge.  I revamped one of my best sellers, Possessive Noun Hunts.  You can see the post here.
I am also participating in a Summer Blog Party, which kicked off today. There will be posts every Wednesday throughout the summer on different literacy themed topics.  The kick off topic is preventing the summer slide.  I've got a bunch of summer reading program incentives listed on my blog in this post
I also started creating for TpT again.  I am working on a series of products called Ready, Set, MOVE.  Basically, they are skill based review activities that get kids up from their seat and moving. The first one is on sentences and can be found here.  Yes, kids need to review skills...but they don't have to do it at their seats with a worksheet.
Annnnd, I'm back to being mommy since that is in fact how I spend most of my time.  A few things happened to me this week that just reiterate this fact.  You know like driving my baby around in the car at 3:30 in the afternoon stuffing my face with Whataburger because it was the only way to get her to nap and also I was starving.  Or that my breakfasts have consisted of half eaten steamed fruits and toast crusts.  You hear about these things but you just don't get it until it's your life too!  Here's the little piglet stuffing her face full of vegetables...obviously takes after her dad with this.
But here she is taking after ME!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Your little girl is gorgeous. I love the idea for your new TPT line of getting the kids up and moving to review those concepts that HAVE to know! Have a great weekend!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  2. That video is just precious!

  3. Hi Jessica, what a cutie, that video is adorable! Your packets look great, love the makeover. Enjoy your weekend. :)


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