Father's Day Baseball Craft

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!  I wanted to share the DIY gift I made (well, tried to make anyway) with my 7 month old for her dad's first father's day.  I saw this handprint baseball craft on the Today show last week and decided to try it because my husband loves baseball.
I picked up a baseball in a plastic case at a local sports store for a couple of dollars (you can find it on Amazon too).  Now here is the coolest part - the writing on the baseball can be wiped off with nail polish remover!  It really wipes right off super easily!
So I started with acrylic paint for the print because I knew that would show up the best...but as you can see it didn't work out.  I couldn't keep my baby girl's hand flat and I was paranoid that she was going to get paint in her mouth if I didn't work fast.   
So...I had to go with a stamp pad instead.  But definitely if your kids are older, use the paint!
Then I just added her name and year with a sharpie.  And if you mess up, it erases with nail polish remover!!  I think we'll definitely try this again next year and hopefully we can get a better, darker handprint.  We got Daddy tickets to a baseball game this fall too.

If you could find the baseballs at the dollar store, this would be a cheap and easy craft to do with preschool or kindergarteners for dad!
I also made a Shutterfly book of all the baby and daddy pictures that we have so far.  I love how it came out!

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