October Currently

Listening:  It's amazing how much more up to date I am with what's going on in the world when I watch the news.  When I was working, I never had time or really had a clue.  Now just keeping my fingers crossed that Ebola doesn't make it's wake from Dallas to Houston!
Loving:  Check out Saturday's temperature!  Of course to some, this may not seem cool...but really anything below 90 degrees is welcome.
Thinking:  My cat is so sweet.  She follows me everywhere, waits for me to wake up in the morning, sleeps when I sleep...unfortunately she thinks the baby's nursery is hers!  I hope her world isn't turned too upside down when Gracie arrives.
Wanting:  It's been 36 weeks of not being able to hold down regular food for me because of extreme nausea during my entire pregnancy.  Now that I am so close, I can't wait to eat all the things I have not been able to.  First up, ice cream and a Whataburger!
Needing:  It has been so hard for me to get sleep lately.  Partly because I'm uncomfortable and partly because I can't relax.  Baby is coming this month!
Trick or Treat:  Treat!  I uploaded the above product to TpT this past weekend.  It contains fall themed activities/stations for all kinds of nouns.  There are a total of 6 activities, but you can download the fortune tellers for free from Google docs by clicking one of the images below.
If you need more nouns activities, check out the entire product in my TpT store, on sale 20% off throughout the weekend!


  1. My goodness we have a lot in common this month! I'm also sleep deprived with a 3 month old who just hit sleep regression. I hope you are able to enjoy the final weeks before your precious bundle makes her appearance. Then enjoy that first real meal:)

  2. Sleep.. .what's that? ha! We all need to rest. I am seeing a pattern with all of us teachers. Send some cooler weather down south :)
    Love your singular and plural pack! Thank you!
    Mrs. Thomas's Class

  3. Wish I could say a baby kept me up, but my Gracie is 19. I miss those late night rockings. Now her late nights out wake me up. I will take the excess heat. It may frost here on Saturday. Hope you get a little rest before Gracie arrives.


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