Sunday Scoop & Singular/Plural Nouns Freebie

I am linking up today with the Teaching Trio to share the scoop on my week and to make up for my lack of educational content, there is a freebie at the end of this post!

3 - Seems as though laundry and cleaning are on everyone's list...fortunately I recruited my husband to help with the cleaning this morning and the laundry is almost done.  Another thing I have to do this week is pack my bag for the hospital since I am four weeks out from delivering my baby girl.  Any must haves I might not be aware of?

2 - With chores and baby preparation almost done, I hope to be able to blog and create this week!  Provided I stay awake...

1 - We've been working really hard on the baby's nursery for the past month.  I am waiting for one little table that is supposed to be delivered tomorrow to finish it up and then we can take pictures and call it complete!  Below is a peek at some of our projects that I will share more about on my personal blog someday.

Annnnd here's the freebie that I promised above.  Just click the image to download from Google docs.  It is a fortune teller to practice basic singular and plural nouns (just adding -s).  

Here's how I use these:
*Assemble fortune teller.
*S1 holds the fortune teller, S2 chooses a picture.  S1 needs to change it from plural to singular or vice versa (i.e. cat becomes cats) and then spell the new word while opening and closing (c-a-t-s).
*S2 chooses a word and S1 changes it from plural to singular or vice versa and spells the new word as explained above.  Repeat again.
*S2 chooses a word and S1 opens the flap and asks the question underneath.  S2 determines whether or not the underlined word in the sentence is singular or plural.
*Switch roles and repeat.

Hopefully that makes sense?

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