September Currently

Time for the September currently!  Hopefully this means cooler weather is on the way for us here in Texas...
Listening: I wrote silence because nothing is going on here, but really I'm listening to the sounds of our new house and neighborhood...air conditioner, dog barking in the distance, a lawnmower...but very peaceful.
{Brooklyn Bedding - Pottery Barn}
{Grape Mist - Sherwin Williams}

Loving: I've been stressed about not having a nursery ready for the baby (32 weeks now) since we just moved.  Well, now the walls are painted, dresser has come, and crib is coming tomorrow so I can get started.  Yes, I know the baby doesn't actually need a nursery for several months, but still...Plus, they say babies can't sleep with bumpers so I should get to at least look at my beautiful bedding for a while before having to remove it, right? 

Funny story, my husband said he was going to paint the room (which included the ceiling since it was a tannish color).  He's been super busy with everything house related so that was not too appealing to me as I was assuming it would take forever, we'd have to buy tons of materials, and maybe it not look too great, but some guys were actually in the paint store handing out business cards looking for paint jobs at a really good price and surprisingly my husband agreed and they did it that day!  Yes, it could have gone horribly wrong, but thankfully it all worked out.
{Baby is due around Halloween.}

Thinking: So I have tons of clothes for the baby, but they are all 3 months and higher.  I literally have two things in an actual "newborn" size.  My sister had big babies who apparently never wore newborn clothes.  However, I am very small and have been sick most of my pregnancy so haven't gained lots of I find it hard to believe I'm going to have 10 pound babies and was worried we wouldn't have any clothes that fit.  So I convinced my husband to go to Carter's with me...where a woman told me her baby was 7 pounds and wore the newborn size for three months, which made me more paranoid and we ended up spending $97 even though everything was 50% off and I had a coupon! I guess I know what my new spending problem will be.
Wanting: So I was looking forward to time off...but I already and wanting to teach!  I'm not teaching this year because the baby is coming and we just moved but I'm feeling sort of lost.  I know once the baby comes I will be incredibly busy, but right now I'm still feeling guilty for not working, envious of those of you in the classroom, etc.  Although I do not miss the lesson planning. But I am having a hard time with inspiration/motivation for blogging and creating.

Needing: This goes with above...I need to figure out some sort of routine for my day so I can feel like I've accomplished things!
{Disney World}

3 Trips: I've been to Disney when I was a kid, but it was so long ago and now that I'm having a kid I am already thinking about when we can go.  Paris just seems like some place everyone should see, right?  And I got married two years ago on the Greek island of Santorini and definitely want to go back there someday!  We traveled all over Greece, but when finished we both agreed we would like to just go and stay in Santorini the entire time!


  1. Jessica,
    The nursery and accessories look beautiful. I can understand your desire to be back at teaching, but I think creating new routines for yourself will help ease those feelings. Good luck with the new little one when she arrives!
    Brynn Allison

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the nursery colors! I've never seen a purple nursery and the colors look awesome together! I also didn't go to work when I was pregnant; I was sickly like you and had to take the time off when school started. I was happy though to be able to spend more time with my son. So don't feel guilty; feel lucky! A lot of moms would die to be in your shoes;) Love your post, Cara

  3. What a cute nursery! I actually ended up putting my son in the room at 2 weeks, but our room is right next door. It was just easier for me to get some sleep. Enjoy that silence while you have it! And keep the tags for the newborn clothes so you can return them if your baby grows out of them quickly. My son wore his for about a month (7 lb baby), so it really depends on each child and how quickly they grow!

    And enjoy that time at home. Maybe look for some MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) programs nearby to connect with other moms in the area. I have some friends that do that, and then it helps fill their schedule so they aren't just home with the baby all day.

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  4. The colors of your nursery are amazing! I love it! Don't feel guilty about missing school- the time you spend with the newborn is precious time. Enjoy every second. It is truly the most important job you will ever do!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  5. Don't feel guilty for not working lady! You are always so super busy that this time off must seem so strange. Try to enjoy it. Too bad I wasn't closer- we could hang out and I could help you relax! Bedding and nursery are looking great. I bet Gracie Mae will be a peanut!! Disney World huh? Kyle and I are already planning another trip in March- there's a big training out there and I'm going to try and extend the trip. Miss you!


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