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Last year I was all over Monday Made It, but this is my first time linking up this year.  Probably because my apartment is full of bins and boxes since we are moving to our new house in about two weeks!

But, I do have a couple things to share, although nothing to do with teaching.  My husband and are actually from Massachusetts, even though we now live in Texas.  We went home to visit family over the 4th and had a BaBy-Q (like a co-ed baby barbecue shower of both of our families).  This was our way to celebrate since our families won't be here when we have the baby.
First, I made the invite myself in Powerpoint.  I had found some pretty neat looking ones on Etsy, but some of them were $10-$15 just for the digital download.  That seemed absurd to me since I would then have to print them.
So here is what I came up with.  Yes, I know not your typically pink.  I like purple and teal and decided to go with chalkboard instead.  After making it, I just uploaded it as an image to a Shutterfly postcard type thing to print them and sent them out that way.  
I also made the party favors.  Since it was a barbecue, and co-ed, I didn't want the typical girly/baby things you normally see.  I decided to make barbecue sauce favors to stick with the theme.  I had seen some ideas on Pinterest used for weddings.

First, I had to order the bottles.  I ordered 5 ounce (hot sauce size) glass bottles and lids.  
I got them from Fillmore Container.  It was $36 for 48 bottles, with $16 of that being for shipping...still cheaper than what they sell on Amazon Prime.  But if you have a cheaper source for bottles, let me know!

I made printed some labels and picked up some ribbon before leaving and brought them home with me.  I found these scalloped labels at Michael's.  They are actually for weddings, but they worked...although to be honest they didn't line up exactly right when printing no matter what I did which was sort of annoying.
Our original thought was to make the barbecue sauce.  But that seemed like way to much work and would have cost too much.  So instead, we got large jugs of it from Costco with the plan to pour it into the small bottles.  Turns out, barbecue sauce it really thick and this was harder than expected!  We actually had to water it down a bit once we got some out of the large containers so it would poor.
My sister had a friend over who was helping and the poor girl ended up pouring all 48 with my husband because she had the funnel that worked best!
But, we finally got them done and I think they turned out really well!  We had them all in a cute basket for the party, but I forgot to take a picture...


  1. That's a really cute idea for a shower gift! For our second child we had a co-ed family shower, which was just a party really. We just felt it was more fun to include our oldest and his friends and my husband too. Best of luck!

  2. PRECIOUS!!! What a super cute idea for the bottles and invitations! Gracie is so loved already!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I love the Baby-Q - what a great idea!! I was a waitress and remember the horror of filling ketchup bottles so I can only imagine how hard this was!!

  4. What an adorable idea for a baby shower! Baby-Q! I love that! Hope it was an amazing shower!
    Rambling About Reading


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