Blackout {Let's Talk About Books Linky}

I am linking up with the famous Deanna Jump for her Let's Talk About Books linky.  The idea is to introduce each other to new books.
The book that I am going to share is a new one that I discovered this year.  It's called Blackout by John Rocco.  I found it on a list somewhere as being good for making inferences and checked it out of my public library.  It is PERFECT for inferring!
The book is full of detailed pictures that offer clues and lends itself to making inferences since the words are limited.  At the start of the story, everyone in the home is too busy to play a game with the little girl.  As time goes on, the power goes out and no one can continue doing what they were.  Instead they have a block party and at the end the family finally plays the game with the girl, even after the power returns.  It sort of teaches the lesson of how important it is to spend time with family and friends as well.

You can find the book here on Amazon for $12.89 (it's only available in hardcover right now).

I have the above graphic organizer for making inferences available for free in my TpT store.
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  1. Thanks for sharing the book! I love the iluustrations!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

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  3. This book was given out at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Summer Institute last summer. I really liked sharing it with my class, especially during my weather unit.

  4. Found out something interesting about this book. The lead character is actually a boy! I thought it was a girl too at first but according to Mr. Rocco and also an Amazon review, it's a boy. I do love this book though. I am writing a paper on it now for my emergent readers class. I can see so many different lessons that can be done from it. :-)


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