Valentine's Day Randomness {Freebie VDay HW Pass}

I have been an absent blogger all week!  Everything has been so crazy since returning to school after break.  We've had ice days, DRA2 testing, benchmark testing, assemblies, the list goes on.  I cannot wait to go to school this week and have a normal week...well, with the exception of Valentine's Day!

But, Valentine's Day isn't that disruptive at my school (fingers crossed...).  We aren't allowed to have a "party" with food and all that, so we just do themed activities throughout the week, make a card holder (need to figure that out today!), and exchange cards.  
I don't know if you know this, but you can get red and white paper sacks at Target for like $1 or $2.  They're with the Ziplock baggies and regular brown paper bags.  That's about as far as I've gotten with the Valentine card holder.  We don't have tons of time for that, so I'll just do something simple.
I had every intention of making sparkling red play dough and those melted heart crayons for my students this year for Valentine's Day, but I have 41 students and just ran out of time.  I had to go the Dollar Store route instead.  I got pencils, erasers, some candy, and heart slinkies (Wal-Mart) and just put them in bags.  There was lots of cute stuff at Wal-Mart, like bouncy balls and sunglasses, but with the amount I have to buy I stuck with things that came in packs of 12!
Lucky for me, I had lots of help! 
I also make some no homework passes to stick in their baggies, which you can download here
Just make sure to type your name in the box that says "Your Name Here" before printing.  Thanks to Creative Clips for the cute graphics (and free!).
Speaking of free, have you picked up this free flip flap book from Simply Skilled in Second?  I'm definitely giving it a shot this Friday.  I think the kids will love it.
Annnnd, if you are behind in planning for this week and need some Valentine's Day themed things to do with your class, I have all of my Valentine's Day items on sale for 50% off today!


  1. We also don't have Valentine's Day parties at my school. My students will exchange valentine cards at the end of the day. But I was struggling with what to have them make to hold their cards, instead of a brown paper bag. Thanks so much for the tip...I am going to head to Target today and grab some red paper bags! Thanks for the no homework pass freebie as well!

    Fifth Grade Wit and

  2. I have used the white paper bags in my classroom as Valentine mailboxes for the last four years and plan on using them again this year. Some years I have photocopied hearts for them to cut out and some years I just let them color with markers. I make sure the students' names are on the bag some where. They work find and are super easy. They make a great morning work activity for your students to complete!

    Rosie's Rambles

  3. I bought a huge stack of white paper bags years ago and I can't remember where I got them. They have been so handy to have for so many things! We use them for Valentine's card holders but also for parent gifts at Christmas.


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