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What a crazy couple of weeks!  While there are certainly more important topics to discuss, the one one everyone's minds seems to be...
We had a snow day here in Houston last Friday and another one this past Tuesday.  Granted, a "snow" day in Houston looks like this:
Being from the north, it's a little funny to see.  But after the fifth hour of news coverage on the winter weather advisory (yes, not even a storm or a warning), it got a little old!
The first snow day, we were notified just before six in the morning by a call out system.  This week, they actually cancelled school the night before.  I don't think that will ever happen again because it didn't turn out to be much.

When I taught up north, there were five snow days built into the calendar.  If they weren't used, you got out of school early at the end of the year.  In Texas, we don't have those days built in.  In fact, they don't even add days on.  Instead, we now have to go to school on Good Friday and Memorial Day.  I don't like that plan!  I know many of you are probably over your limit in snow days.  What are the plans to make them up?
The days off are nice, but we've only had two days off and it's already hurting our instruction!  We still have to cover the same amount of material, grades are still due, but we have to do it all in less with it being scattered, it's just harder for the kids to keep with it.  Plus, why is it there there seems to be a never ending amount of work to finish, even when home all day?  I know some of you are actually probably wishing to go back to school!

Link up this week and share about your snow/inclement weather days.  Are they necessary?  Are they affecting your instruction?  How are you notified?  When are they made up?  What happens if you go over the limit?  


  1. Hi, Jessica! I love hearing about the snow days in the US. I'm in Ontario, Canada, and our snow days sound very different from yours. We've had three this year, but we as teachers are required to be at school. Essentially the buses are canceled. We make our way through difficult road conditions, but at least we don't have to make up the days! :) The cold temperatures are never cause for a snow day because we just keep the children inside. THOSE days are difficult, and we've had probably more than 2 weeks worth of them!!

    Hope you get back to a normal routine soon!
    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  2. Wow! Will you even have enough of a percentage of students on Good Friday or Memorial Day?! How horrible!! We have had 6 just in January but because 3 of those fell to the end of Christmas break try may not count because there were states of emergency... Here's hoping since we are at a 'year round' school and our last day is the last Friday in June!


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