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Do you write your own passages for assessments or are they given to you?  I have found writing them from scratch to be somewhat difficult…I want to make sure the readability is appropriate and I don't want to plagiarize when taking information from other sources.

We have been bombarded with giving pre/post tests this year, all on individual standards. Since have six marking periods and need grades here in Texas, we grade the post tests and have to have at least 10 questions on each.  We have to create them ourselves and it is nearly impossible to find a passage with ten questions on the same standard.

We don't really have that many resources, so I have taken to retyping passages from assessment books that we have an then just rewriting the questions to fit the purpose of the assessment.  Now, after all this, I'm thinking I should just write them from scratch so they can be mine!

Anyways, while discussing resources at a training, was shared with me as a resource for passages and I just checked it out.  

You can search for passages by topic, grade level (K-8), or skill.  They also have Lexile levels listed for each, but I personally am not really familiar with Lexile levels.

Here is an example of of the passages.  It looks pretty good with photographs, captions, headings, bold print, etc.

We usually write our own questions to meet our needs, but each of the passages also comes with questions.  Some of the question files are Word docs too, so they could be easily edited.

You have to register to access the site, but it is free.  Has anyone ever used  Have you found any other useful components?  I noticed that it also has lessons/units to go with picture books as well.


  1. I LOVE this website! I use it all the time for review and small group instruction.

  2. I have been using Readworks for the past two years and love it. They are constantly adding new passages on there. I get email updates from them frequently. Great site!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Readworks is a great site! It is good for small group instruction and for RtI groups who need comprehension help.
    Conversations in Literacy

  4. I've been using Readworks for several years now and I love this resources! I really like the lessons and find they are great for whole group as well as small group. This year I've started using the passages as assessments for different skills.

  5. I found Readworks this year. It has been a wonderful resource. I appreciate the lesson plans with everything needed in one place.

  6. My Third Grade team and I use ReadWorks all the time. It can be really helpful integrating content areas into our reading block as well as practicing some test prep for State assessment. Also like you, we can use the passages to develop our own activities as well! Really love it! Hope you enjoy it as well!


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