Five for Friday...on a Saturday

Sorry I'm so late, I had to go to bed at 8:30 last night...know the feeling?!
This quote sums up my week perfectly.  Someone posted it on my Facebook page in response to my post on Wednesday evening.  Needless to say my week did not improve.  The next morning I hit someone's car and by 2:15, I had 45 students in my room due to a lack of subs.  Hopefully next week will be better...
We started doing DRA2 testing this week.  I'm one of those weirdos who actually LIKES giving the DRA.  I like seeing their growth!  Now, if they don't improve then that's a different story, so fingers crossed.
My students set some goals for the new year.  They completed this flip book with resolutions for themselves, school, home, and community. 
Then everyone also wrote a new goal for reading to put with our cafe board.  It was good to see that most of them now get they need to work on comprehension, rather than reading faster, which is what they started the year with.
HUH?  We worked on prepositions and using guide words this week...both skills were new to my kids and also sort of difficult for them.  To be honest, prepositions are difficult for me too!  We just learned that adverbs can tell where, when, and how.  Who can explain to me why some prepositions are also adverbs that tell where?  Luckily no one asked!  Anyway, I think I finally came up with an explanation that makes sense...the dictionary definitions seem very I've been telling them that it is a word that CONNECTS a noun to another part of the sentence.  You wouldn't say Jamie sits carpet.  In order to connect Jamie to the carpet, we'd say Jamie sits ON the carpet.  We need a preposition to connect the parts so the sentence makes sense.  I don't know, they seem to get do you explain prepositions to your kids?
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  1. Your question about prepositions as adverbs - take a look at she's got answers to everything - that being said - prepositional phrases act as adjectives and adverbs depending on what they modify in the sentence.

  2. I hope next week is better for you - wow what a week!! I am trying to focus this week on just looking at myself and doing the best I can and kind of shutting the door on the rest - but sometimes the other stuff just keeps knocking on the door : )
    Congrats on your milestones - woo hoo!!


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