Five for Friday {1.16.13}

Finally, the three day weekend is here!  We've only been back to school for nine days since winter vacation, but this seems like a well deserved break.
We did a couple of scavenger hunts this week.  This is my name for when I post questions or tasks around the room for them to do.  They love these types of activities because they get to be up and out of their seats.  I think they forget they are even working.
We did one for writing prepositional phrases.  I placed ten snowmen around the room and they had to complete each of the sentences with a prepositional phrase describing the placement of the snowmen.  {Product}
We also did a fact hunt with the Helen Keller biography in our basal.  I posted ten right there questions around the room and they had to find the answers in the text.  We are working on going back and finding information, so they needed the practice.  {Product}
We finished our expository paragraphs about our school.  We had read "Schools Around the World" in our reading book last week and each student chose a topic to write about regarding our school (uniforms, rules, principal, etc.).  Their favorite part was publishing of course, especially because of the glitter on the globes! {Product}
We did some on the fly writing for MLK Jr. Day today as well.  I didn't have much of a plan other than writing in the bubble, but my kids thought it necessary to make their faces to go with it.  It's funny to see what they come up with just some paper and no directions. {Product}
I finally got a paper cutter!  It just came today, but I can't wait to use it and save my hands some work.  I don't know why I waited until my ninth year of teaching to get my laminator, paper cutter, etc.  Never knew what I was missing until now.

I'm trying to start a new weekly linky party for discussing hot topics.  The first week is on departmentalization. You can link up at anytime throughout the week here will be a new topic every Thursday.  If you click the button above and go to the first post, you can enter to win $25 to my TpT store for linking up or suggesting a future topic.



  1. Oh i LOVE our staff lounge because we have 4 different paper cutters and all sorts of other teacher tools!!! I'm sure you are super excited about getting your new paper cutter!

  2. This is my first time visiting your blog, and I am scratching my head as to why I haven't visited your blog before!? You have some great ideas for 2nd graders and I am looking forward to reading your past and future posts (your newest follower)!

    I don't have a paper cutter or personal laminator... I'm hoping I make those big purchases soon!

    Seconds at the Beach

  3. I waited until my 30th year of teaching to get a laminator and cricut! Ha. How silly is that? What a cute blog!


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