Monday Made It {Holiday Style}

I finally finished all of the work for my very LAST master's course and I graduate next weekend.  Sooo…I had my first real weekend in a long time!  I haven't even touched my school work (although my crafts are for school, I don't consider them actual work!).  I just need to sit down tonight and do my guided reading plans and grade one assignment.  

My husband and I went home for Thanksgiving and are going to Colorado instead of going home for Christmas.  So we just about finished all of our Christmas shopping yesterday and have to mail a few final packages/cards tomorrow.  

We don't get out until the 20th, but I spent today getting gifts ready for my students and coworkers.  It feels good to be ahead, knowing that I still have next weekend to finish up.

I made these cute reindeer hot cocoa bags for my students.  I followed the directions found at the Cincy Shopper.  There are free labels there as well!  The only thing i didn't do is double bag the hot cocoa…which is why my marshmallows look dirty.  The one that is cleaner took my husband forever to do because he poured it in through another bag.  I didn't have patience for that and didn't want to use two bags per kid, so dusty marshmallows it is!  Maybe using large chocolate chips would break it up more.  I actually was only able to make enough for one class (I have two classes) because Hobby Lobby only had one set of cone bags left.  I will have to look for some more this week.  Also, I was able to find a large container of hot chocolate powder at Target, instead of opening the pouches.

Next I made the candy cane sleighs that have been floating all over Facebook and Pinterest.  I plan to give them to my coworkers, I just need to figure out how to put a tag or something on them.  I followed the directions from Ellyn's Place exactly.  I found the large Kit-Kats, mini bows, and gold ribbon ($1) at Wal-Mart.  Target had the little holiday candy bars.  I used hot glue to put everything together.

I also made some play dough for my students.  I had never done this before but read a bunch of reviews and recipes.  It seemed like the cooked recipe was the way to go since I was making it ahead of time.  I followed this recipe from The Artful Parent.  I didn't want to mess with food coloring, so I just put a bunch of glitter in it. I thought it would actually be white, but it is more of a beige color.  I put in peppermint extract, not oil like suggested, and it took quite a bit.  The recipe makes a lot of play dough!  I was able to make 20 balls of it.  I have two classes, so sometime this week I plan to make another batch for my other class.  I read that it would last as long as it is put in a sealed container, so that's why I tied the balls in the Ziplock bags.  I found tags from A Special Kind of Class.

Finally, I put the play dough, a candy cane, the hot chocolate, and the Christmas pencils and erasers I got from the Dollar Tree in the little gift bags and tied them up.  The last day before break is crazy, so I just wanted them to have everything all together. Plus this way lessens the change of anything spilling and making a mess.  One class down, one to go!

What do you plan on getting/making for your students and/or coworkers?


  1. I can't wait to try out the playdough. All of your stuff is precious

  2. Wow!!! Amazing!! I would like to enrol in your class. Well done you!

  3. So much cute stuff here! Congrats on finishing up with school! I also just graduated with my masters. I never appreciated a weekend so much in my life that first week that I was done :)

  4. WOW! I'm loving all of your gift ideas for your students and co-workers. So very thoughtful!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. I love the play dough idea! I've been waiting to find just the right gift to make for all 64 of my students and I think this might be it! Thanks for sharing.
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  6. I really need to get it together on the gift front for my kiddos! I love the idea of putting everything in one bag!


  7. Wow!! look at all this cuteness in this post!!!! You are so ahead of the game and it makes me a little anxious because I've done nothing!! All of these turned out adorable!!! Love it all!!!

    Hope you are doing well!!
    Collaboration Cuties

  8. word...impressive! Your students are so lucky! Those reindeer hot cocoa bags and sleds are too cute! Love!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  9. I love the candy sleighs, I can't believe I haven't seen that one before. Thanks for sharing.

    Kinder Princess

  10. Those Santa sleighs are adorable! I might have to steal that idea!


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