Freebie: 5 Senses Poem Snow Globe Template

Just stopping in to share a quick freebie.  We have been covering poetry for the past couple of weeks and I created a quick snow globe template for a five senses poem last week.  We have been working on descriptive writing so I figured this would be good practice.  Plus, now my door is decorated for winter!

I told my students to include an adjective with their noun and then a verb phrase that tells where, when, or how since we had been working on adjectives and adverbs.  Most of them were able to do it and it made their writing much better!

Gotta love how the personality shines here, right?!

You can download this freebie here from Google Docs. I hope everyone is having a great week!

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  1. These turned out so cute! Your students did a great job with their writing!
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