Tried it Tuesday: Donor's Choose

I'm sure everyone has heard of Donors Choose by now, but if you haven't tried it you need to!  I gave it a shot and got my first project funded in under a week.  Granted, it was mostly paid for my members of my family...but that's money they weren't handing out before, right?!  Plus, only half of it had to be funded since I was given a match code to use the first week.

It's really very simple.  You just need to fill out the information requested, go shopping with one of their vendors, and wait for your project to be approved.  Then the fun part comes.  You wait for people to fund your project!

Now that my project has been funded, I have to get pictures of my students using the materials and have them write thank you letters.  I haven't read the details carefully yet, but it is all spelled out for you.

I read some helpful hints here, here, and here.

So what did I get?  A bunch of vocabulary games to put at my word work station from Lakeshore.  

I am waiting on my second project to be approved right now.  I want two more mp3 players for my listening station.  

If you haven't tried it, it is definitely worth a try!


  1. I LOVE Donors Choose! I wrote my first project this summer for an iPad mini and also got funded in less than a week. I put my info up on FB and some of my current parents and past parents donated. The kids were so excited when I let them open the box. For some reason I was always intimidated by Donors Choose, but once I sat down and really focused on it, it was quite easy to use! Congrats on being funded!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Congratulations, Jessica!!! I have a project I would like to write up but just need to sit down and do it! Thanks for linking up, friend! :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

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