Five for Friday {Punctuation Freebie}

We have been working on identifying the types of sentences and using the correct punctuation marks all week.  I got a book for free with my Scholastic order on exclamation marks.  It just happened to come at a perfect time, so I read it to my kids and they LOVED it.  They laughed like crazy and one class even clapped when I was finished reading.  

It's about this poor exclamation mark who doesn't fit in around all the periods.  But then he meets the question mark and feels a little bit better.  Of course the question mark only speaks in questions (my kids' favorite page) and drives the exclamation mark crazy.  He eventually screams "STOP!" and realizes what his purpose is.

I took some pictures of it for you to see.  It is a very quick read and super cute!

I also have a freebie for you.  I made some types of sentences/punctuation mark posters.  Click here to download.

Funny comment of the week:  I had been amping my kids up about the fourth type of sentence (command).  When it was finally the day for me to tell them what it was, one of my kids says, "So has this been around a while or did it just come out?"  Like we are talking about the latest phone or something.

Speaking of the latest phone, my iPhone 5s finally came in the mail!  I am not the person who HAS to have the newest phone...I just need A phone (okay a SMARTphone) and mine fell in the toilet about a month ago.  I have been making do with a little flip phone.  It feels good to finally be connected again!

I have been DRA'ing like crazy for weeks.  Our students didn't take the DRA2 last year, so it is taking longer than it should to determine their levels.  I only have two kids left to finish up and cannot wait to be done!  I have two classes, so I've done 40 kids.  Now that I have my phone, I can start taking pictures of what my kids are doing at stations while I start reading groups.

Out of those 40 kids, only 10 are reading at level 18.  The rest are anywhere between 6 and 16 so I have my work cut out for me.  We started morning tutorials this week.  We have to offer our kids extra help either before or after school.  No we don't get paid, so it doesn't exactly seem right, but they need the help...I have kids coming TWR mornings at 7 AM.  Does anyone else do this at their school?

We have also been comparing and contrasting the story elements within folktales/fairy tales.  I love how the kids get SO excited to hear these stories, even though they've heard many of them before.  They walked in every morning asking are you going to read us ... today? We read the following:

I had never read this one.  I know there are a whole series of them.  The kids loved it and it was definitely a lot more modern.

When we finished this one, one of my innocent kids says, "So THAT'S really what happened?"  Then all the other kids roll their eyes and look at me...
Here are some Venn diagrams I created to use if you need one.  We have to get grades, so the one with the lines and the numbers makes it easier.

I have today off!  It is Fort Bend County Fair Day.  (I know, I don't know why we have it off either, but I'll take it.)  On the to do list today:  blog, laundry, clean, assignments for my master's class, lesson planning, DRA paperwork, and watch the premiere of Grey's Anatomy - I feel like I have to, I can't give up on 8 years of devotion, right?  I'll be happy if I just get a few of those things done today because it will make the rest of the weekend better.  


  1. I see several books on this list that I love!!!! Thanks for sharing!


  2. We have Teaching Assistants and special teaching staff who take out the groups who arent doing so well in reading, writing, maths e.t.c and work with them for half an hour. It doesn't disturb the lesson and we fill them in on what needs doing. It means we don't have to give up free time and we're still in control of their catching up....without finding the extra time to do it.

    UK schools definitely seem to be the winners for this the more I've been reading about how other schools do it. Obviously it is only effective if you really work with the teaching staff and the children. On the bright side at least you can really be involved with their booster sessions and the joy you will feel when theyre on target will be far more rewarding!

    Is there no way you could send extra homework home to those children to help? Try and encourage more parental involvement?

    Best wishes,

  3. I just bought that book at our Book Fair this week! I loved it too! I fell in love it and I think the students are going to love it! I'm going to use it in conjunction with our grammar that we teach through Jivey's mentor sentences :)

    Thanks for the freebie!
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  4. I love reading The True story of the 3 Little Pigs to the students! Thank you so much for the freebies!

  5. Thanks so much. We started the four types of sentences this week and next week we are comparing/contrasting fairy this is PERFECT!!!

  6. Great posters for punctuation marks. I am printing for my high school class. Thanks
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