Monday Made It!

My first Monday Made It is really my husband's, but it's for my classroom.  We had this old book case lying around.

So he primed it with this, which says you don't need to sand first to save some time and it worked.

There it is primed, hanging out in the bathroom, and here it is all finished after a couple of coats of black paint!

I have these old plastic magazine files that I use to keep upcoming materials in for the subjects that I teach (copies, read alouds, etc.).  They were in the room when I moved in a couple of years ago and I just kept sticking new labels on them.  But, I didn't want them to be navy and maroon anymore.  So I scrubbed off all the stickers, spray painted them black, and added some new labels with hot glue.

I also made my shared class journals, which I keep at my writing station.  I really like the concept, it provides the kids some direction if they don't have any, plus I have two classes so they really like to read the writing of the other kids.

I got them last year here on TpT from Teach-a-Roo.  But when I went back to redownload them, I realized that she also has an informational set this year too, so I made those as well.  Basically, they have to read a book about a certain topic and then respond in the journal.


They are sized for composition notebooks, so I found my extras from last year. I printed out the covers (with the topics/prompts) and word lists (that go on the inside covers) on regular paper.  Then I just wrapped packing tape around the cover so they'd stay sturdy all year.  

I put different colored labels on the front.  I am waiting for some more round white stickers to come from Amazon and then I plan to label each book so they put them back in the correct containers.

I've been working on organizing my books.  Last week, I showed that I had sorted them all and labeled the containers.  I was waiting on these circle labels to see if I could use them for the front of each book to help my kids figure out where they belong.  It worked!  Now I am waiting for more because I ran out...

I did different colors/styles for different things (leveled books, animals, nonfiction, picture books, seasonal, etc.) to try to help them figure out where the books go (or don't go) quickly.

I absolutely could not make what I wanted to in Word using the label template. I'm just not good with using graphics, layers, etc. in word.  So I played around with it and after lots of trial and error came up with a template I could use in Power Point.  Click on the image below if you want it.
It works with these labels, which I wasn't able to find in the stores after running out.

For next week, I am working on revamping my 8 year old mailboxes.  Hopefully I can finish them up today.  It was like a trip down memory lane peeling off all the old names!  Here is what they looked like when I started.


  1. You've been so busy. I love the way everything turned out. The bookshelf looks so good. Black is a great color for furniture.

  2. I love your bookshelf and your new black bins! They look fantastic.

    I need to work on my mailboxes too. I still have names to peel off.

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  3. Wow! You have been busy! I love the black...painted my bookshelves black this year also. Just looks classic and will got with anything!

    Teaching Little Miracles

  4. The magazine holders look great! I had twenty or so of them in my room and finally got rid of the last of them when last year! Now I kind of wish I still had them....


  5. Thanks for the template. Can't wait to use them.

  6. The magazine holders do look great - so does the bookshelf. I love those circle stickers - they are my fav! I am sorry to hear that you have to wait for them to arrive, I just run out to the office supply store when I need a new fix!


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