Back 2 School Goals

Personal:  I tend to come home, finish my work, and feel like going to bed at literally like 8:00 PM sometimes.  So I feel like I don't spend much time with my husband, doing things I want to do that aren't work, or just relaxing.  I do get up early, at 5 AM, but I want to try to stay up until 10 PM every night and avoid going to bed super early.

Organization:  So I never did get rid of my 9,000 emails or organize all my files this summer.  They are somewhat organized...but some are not.  I need to stay on top of my email and delete what I don't need, save attachments to the correct places, etc.  Luckily, my computers have great search features so I can always find everything, but I should be able to keep stuff more organized.

Planning:  I need to get it done at school.  We are splitting planning this year and doing it in groups of two, plus we have a new principal that intends on checking lesson plans the Friday before...I can't stand now having something submitted on time so I know that will help me out a bit.  Previously, it was said our lesson plans were due on Monday morning.

Professional:  I procrastinate all the time!  With my Master's coursework and my planning, school work, etc.  I always, always. always have everything done on time, but I torture myself doing it along the way.  I don't like doing stuff I don't want to do.  But I need to learn to just do it.

Students:  I just want my students to love reading and writing and to do it independently...that's everything.

Motto:  I hate when I hear excuses for why students didn't do well or why they can't do something...I'm sure I've done it too...but I need to remember to keep expectations high for every child.  They are capable of what you hold them to.


  1. Love your motto! I have to work on procrastination too. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Read With Me ABC

  2. I completely agree with your motto and I am sad that so many teachers don't follow that...I HATE hearing teachers say..."oh, my students can't do that"....
    I was in the same routine of coming home...working on work...etc. ignoring my very own children. I don't remember the exact aha moment, but now I leave school as soon as I'm allowed and I don't touch school work stuff until kids are in bed. It was hard...but it works for me. I don't get the teachers who stay at work until 7-8 at night just so they can leave work at work (with kids at home)... I prefer to be with my own kids.
    Great goals!

  3. Your goals are great, I agree with all of them...especially working on procrastination. I am terrible!! Have a great school year!


  4. Love your goals. I had many files on my computer desktop. My son saw it and organized them for me.

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  5. I just finished the last of my masters classes in May, right before I had my baby. Then, I had to finish up my research and present in July. I will be officially a teacher with a Masters degree on Friday, August 23rd even though I have been done with all work for over a month. It was easy to procrastinate, but the over-scheduler in me made a time for family, God, work, masters, friends, etc and gave each its deserved time and it worked out great...except I had to stay up a little later than I'd like some nights. You can do it! Good luck with you course work.



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