August Currently

How is it already August!?  It's time for Farley's currently!

1.  Listening:  I was sort of lazy today and slept until 8.  That's sleeping in for I'm just hanging out with my laptop and the TV.  Carson Daly is filling in for Matt Lauer on the today show.  I still only think of him as the host of TRL so it's weird to see him doing news stories.

2.  Loving:  I have been at a writing training all week and go back for team leader training next week, so I am loving that I do not have to GO to work today!

3.  Thinking:  Since I have the whole day off, I need to set some goals for myself or else I'll get nothing done.  I'm meeting my husband for lunch, need to get more 25 cent composition books from Office Max, and sheet protectors from Costco.  Other than that, I need to finish labeling all my individual books in my library.  I have them sorted and in containers all over the floor.  I'm putting a small round label on each book to match the container.  I'm also stamping the inside with my name.  It's taking a while.  Actually, I think I need more labels.  I need to make Daily 5 station signs too.

3.  Wanting:  To buy to clothes for school!  We are going to go outlet shopping tomorrow.  Yay!  I sold a ton of my old books from my Master's classes or teaching books I don't use anymore online so I can buy what I want without my husband complaining about me spending more money on school things.

4.  Needing:  I NEED to get into my room.  It is driving me crazy.  I moved to a new room, so everything is either in a box in my room or in a bin in my apartment.  It's stressing me out.  I have to sit through TEN professional development days before school starts and it's looking like I only get ONE day to be in my room.  Ahhhhhh!  We currently are not allowed in because they are finishing construction...

5.  B2S Must Haves:  You need books!  You can do anything if you just have books...and containers to organize everything.  What teacher doesn't have a million containers.  Then, I need to get some new comfy flats to wear since I stand/walk all day long.  Our grade level is moving back to the farthest hallway away from the office, copy machine, door, etc.  So there'll be lots of walking.  For the past two years, I have bought these shoes a couple times a year.  I wear them every day and they are super comfy.  Although it looks like they cost twenty dollars more than the last time I bought them.


  1. I hear ya about comfy shoes! I've yet to find any that seem to do the trick. My feet always kill me!

    Your room will come together in plenty of time, no worries!

    Good luck with the outlet shopping! I'm super jealous!


  2. I remember watching TRL when I was at my grandmas because I wasn't supposed to be watching MTV! (I guess Sisqo's Thong Song might be not appropriate for a 9 year old!)

  3. Your Currently sounds like many of my summer days! Love them! I got some Born flats last Spring and I have really enjoyed them. I'll probably want another color once we get to Fall! Have a great Friday!

    First Grade Buddies

  4. I'm all about the comfy shoes. I can't figure out those who can teach in heels!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  5. Comfy shoes is a definite must!!

  6. I like those cute shoes! Being comfortable has it price, ha? I hope you have a successful shopping day.
    My Second Sense


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