Ahhhhhh! First day is tomorrow!

I'm such a bad blogger!  It has been THREE WEEKS!  School starts tomorrow.  I have literally been in three weeks of meetings, PD, and schedule making craziness.  We have 15 second grade teachers this year, so everything is a lot more complicated to organize than in the schools where there are only 2-4 classes per grade level.

I hope to take better pictures of my classroom tomorrow, put them up, and then get into a working/blogging routine! 

Back to the first day.  Does anyone else have the problem of planning like a million more things than they'll every get done?  With Pinterest and blogs, this is becoming an even bigger problem for me!  I know they'll come in tomorrow and I'll be lucky to accomplish one thing.  Especially since I have just 2.5 hours with each class.  

Fingers crossed my Promethean board was hooked up over the weekend. Our school has been under construction for a year.  We moved into the new rooms.   But they were working over the weekend on phones, projectors, intercoms, air conditioning....go figure.  Yes, I said the building has been under construction for a year...

We have several new teachers too and one of them wanted to borrow First Grade Jitters.  I figured I'd survive without it, so I gave it to her.  I tried to get another copy, but everywhere is sold out.  It is online at TumbleBooks, but in case my board isn't hooked up, I tested it out on my iPad. My husband was listening, laughing, saying geez you sound just like that kid.  Ha ha, you get it right?  I was like keep listening...see?  It's normal for teachers to act like that!

Good luck to everyone else who starts tomorrow!


  1. Wow, 15 second grade teachers?!? Did I read that right?!? Good luck!

  2. Good luck. I always plan too much for the first day - usually takes me three days to get through it :)


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