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I am linking up with The Teacher's Chair for her Show us Your... school week linky.  Today is read alouds.  I saw this widget on her blog and really wanted to try it out.  Go for it, it was super easy I promise.

I use a mixture of both school themed books and character education books during the first few weeks of the school year.  Above are some of my favorites.  I love Kevin Henkes books because they tell such great stories, always have a lesson involved, and the vocabulary and illustrations are great as well.  I have a couple of new books that I am excited to use this year, like The Recess Queen, The Juice Box Bully, and My Mouth is a Volcano.  I've been seeing posts about those books so I had to order them!

Two of my most favorite books are You Be You and Only One You.  They are just so sweet with such heartwarming messages and beautiful illustrations.  They really help the kids to see that everyone is different and that's okay.  You can see more about them in this post.  Check them out!

Like Tracey said, read alouds are a great way to get a feel for your kids at the beginning of the year.  We do a lot of partner discussions, I'm able to see who can stay focused and on topic, who can ask/answer questions about stories, and other simple tasks.  We start the year off focused on story elements and retelling, so the read alouds also clue me on where the kids are at with that.  We also start routines for reading response journals with a quick response to each story starting probably on the second day.  

Yesterday was show us your planners day. It is always interesting to see what everyone else uses.  I have been teaching eight years and I have never, ever been able to use one of the spiral planners.  When I first started teaching, I typed up a template, printed it out, and wrote in my plans.  Then I started typing them in before printing them out.  I always kept them in a binder.  I couple years ago, I just had them on my computer and would refer to them there.  Now we use an online planner completely.  The plans can be printed, but I never bother.  The planner is part of an online system, I believe only in Texas but not sure about that, called Eduphoria.  Our workshop listings, work orders, data, etc. all get put into there.

The planner itself isn't fancy and doesn't have all the fun and cute stuff.  Just the plans.  The standards are listed for us to just select, then we type in the plans and add all the attachments.  We plan in a team planner and then everyone can copy the plans to their individual planners for editing.  I just keep it open on my computer so that I can refer to it if needed and/or open any attachments I may need though I try to just open everything up in the morning.  

Here is a quick screen shot of what it looks like.  This is the shared reading portion.  We have a section for each subject, all on one page, we just scroll down to see everything.

Told you, not pretty but gets the job done!  The standards being addressed are up top, then the plans, and the attachments are at the bottom.  I actually really like having all the attachments in there because they are there not only when we are using them but to refer back to in the following year in case you've forgotten what you used in the past, etc.

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  1. Love your picture book choices!

    I am impressed that you can use your planner just on your computer. I still need my printed copy...just makes me feel safe if I have it on my desk.

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching


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