Monday Made It

I started with a really easy Monday Made It and messed it all up!  I cannot measure.  This signs in my bin below were waaaay to big to fit.  So I cut them and then they were too small!  (You can see they don't reach all the way to the corners.)  But, I think it's good enough.  I also laminate the cards, which I think made them have a hard time sticking with the double sided tape...I don't usually have that problem so I am assuming that's it.  I'd share the labels, but they are totally the wrong size!

Someone had put in a Pinterest comment they'd like one of the drawers to say extras  (like extra copies) instead of file, so I stole that idea.  I really don't file much anymore.

I also thought I'd revamp the bins that I use for my students to hand in their work in the same way.  But then when I went to tape in the paper, I realized the bins are different and have handles!  They are not flat inside either, so I can't just not write in the middle.  I'll have to do something else.

I made my own calendar cards and headings this week for the first time and like how they turned out.  Now I know that I have all the holidays, events, etc. that I will need!

I was wanting a plain calendar, but this blank/white circle one is the closet that I could find.  If you'd like the cards, you can find them in my TpT store here.

Then I have a couple of works in progress.  Last week I saw that a few people had painted bookcases.  I have new desks and chairs in my room this year that are black and gray.  So I decided I need my bookcases painted too because brown isn't going to do.  We have an old bookcase my husband picked up somewhere that I've tried to throw away a couple times because it's ugly, but then I thought if it was black, I could bring it to school.  So I got my husband to start working on that.  So far it has just been primed.

Yes, it is hanging out in the bathroom.  We live in an apartment and it is soooo hot and humid here it was getting sticky outside.  Plus I didn't want my cat to climb all over it.

I also got to work on my classroom library.  I resorted out all my books and made labels for them.  In the past, I've had pictures on my labels and stuff, but that doesn't seem to help them put the books back so I didn't bother taking the time.  Instead I labeled them with different color labels, like animal books one style, holidays another, book series another, etc.

I wanted beautiful, colored bins too but settled for these 97 cent ones from Walmart.  Last year I bough blue ones, which definitely don't match teal and purple right?!, and my husband was upset enough that I insisted there was no way I could put them in my room again.  So I went with clear to make sure I don't have that problem again.

By the way, if you are working with a glue gun, just put a dot to stick it on and then finish the took me several tries to realize that you can't just put glue all over the label and stick it on.  It kept drying before I got it on the bin!

I am working on stamping the insides with my name.  Some have labels on them with my maiden name, some don't...last year I got a personalized stamp from Vista Print and am using that.  

I also ordered these circle labels from Amazon that are supposed to come today.  My plan is to make a mini label for each book to match the container that it belongs in.  I am hoping that helps them figure out where the books go. Plus, I like that the labels are small and won't cover up the book and can easily come off if needed.  I'll let you know if that works out.  

I'm off to see if I can unload some stuff into my classroom and then to meet some teammates to plan for the first couple weeks of school.  Good luck to those of you who head back to work today!


  1. Your calendar cards and headers look great. I have those circle labels and I love them! I have seen pictures of people using washi tape to pretty up their drawers - don't know if that would work for yours.

  2. I love your calendar pieces!! I looked in your TpT store for them and couldn't find them. Will you be putting them there?

  3. I LOVE your calendar. I made different colored numbers for each month my first year teaching out of paint chips that Home Depot kindly gave me. I put so much work into them, that I don't want to switch them... but I want something simpler, and those numbers you made are gorgeous!

  4. Love your calendar! I need new holiday cards and yours match perfectly! I have the same calendar and colors.

    A View Into My Classroom

  5. I love your calendar. Do you use magnets to attach the numbers?
    Grade 4 Buzz

  6. I LOVE all your books! It just makes my heart happy to see that many books. Thanks for sharing!!

    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures in Teaching (A First Grade Blog)
    My TpT Store

  7. I love clear bins! I have lots of those 97 cent ones from Wal-Mart!

  8. Cute calendar cards! I saw you note about glue. Do you hate glue guns as much as I do? I burn my fingers and by the time I've dealt with my fingers, the glue has dried. Fun post!

  9. I have the same 3 drawer bin that you do with the handles in the middle. I ran into the exact same problem too. I wanted to put cute paper on it, but those handles make it difficult. Let me know what you come up with for those bins.

    Team V's Second Grade Fun


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