Ikea Finds & One Dollar Word Walls!

I ventured out into the Houston traffic to go to Ikea today.  I'm very proud of myself because I stuck to getting the three things that I went for:

magazine files to use as individual reading boxes
($1.99 for 5)

black and white polka dot rug 

Our building has been under construction for a couple of years.  We have big carpets from Lakeshore but some of them are so old and dirty...plus with the moving they keep disappearing.  So I need this rug.  Fingers crossed the fire marshall doesn't say anything.  Last year, his focus was on removing couches, things hanging from the ceiling, and no bulletin boards in the hallway.  Hopefully he just sticks with that.

cute little stools
($5.99 a piece)

I get new furniture in my room this year which is cool.  However, all they ordered is 22 desks, 22 chairs, 2 tables, a teacher desk, and a filing cabinet.  That is not enough tables or chairs for me!  The new furniture is gray and black...so the older furniture would look ridiculous mixed in, plus they took it all away anyway.

Do you all know about the "Format Painter" tool in Power Point?  I didn't, until my husband showed me yesterday and now I feel like an idiot.  I can't be the only one who didn't know, right?  It basically is a really easy way to change the fill/color/style of shapes or fonts to match across slides without changing each slide or shape individually.  If others don't know either, I will put up a tutorial one day.

Since I was able to change colors so easily, I went word wall crazy yesterday and created 17 different colors of my Dolch word wall. Each word wall includes 26 alphabet headers, matching word cards for the 220 Dolch words plus the 95 nouns, and an editable page to add additional words.  Check out all my colors below!  

I am putting them ALL on sale for just $1 now through Sunday evening!  Click the color of your choosing to find the product.









The first person to guess which one I printed to hang up in my classroom will win it!  Leave your guess along with your email as a comment.  Amanda from Collaboration Cuties guessed it...purple!!


  1. I'm going to guess black and white set to go with the black stool and carpet.
    Ruthanne rarace81@gmail.com

  2. Love all your finds! I am making my first ever trip to IKEA next weekend when I go to the Atlanta Blogger Meet-up. So excited on both counts! :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. My guess is purple. And I'm not sure if I know what the format painter is....

  4. I was searching for some magazine files to use for student book boxes. There isn't an IKEA were I live so
    I'm going to order them online. Thanks!!!

  5. I would have gone with green...

    I don't know what the format painter is - what is it?


  6. Your first two items are on my list to buy too! I need to go out there soon. Those stools look fun too! Your word wall word collections all look so great!


  7. I have been dying to go to Ikea - we have one about 3 hours away but we've never ventured in.

  8. I wish we had an IKEA near me! Love your rug!

  9. Um, yes I need that tutorial! I saw that rug on someone else's blog too and I need to make a trip to IKEA! How tall are those stool? I'm looking for something cute for my writing center.

  10. I would also love a tutorial!


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