Favorite Pins Friday

Yay!  I won the grand opening giveaway from the new collaborative 2nd and 3rd grade blog, Owl-Ways Be Inspired.  Check it out if you haven't.  There are lots of great contributors and I am super excited to go through all the new back to school products that keep arriving in my inbox!

Here are my favorite pins from the week:

I've been thinking about making these whisper phones for my students to use during read to self.  I had a couple of something similar around last year and they really liked them, but there weren't enough.  It helps them keep on task when reading to themselves.

I want one of the these straw dispensers for pencils!  But, they are running about $25 on Amazon, which is a lot...let me know if anyone has found them cheaper!

This is a great post (with lots of pictures) showing what the kids do during the Daily 5 and the materials that they use.  I really want some old keyboards for my students to use for word work.

Is this true??  I'll have to try it...Last year my students tried to use hand sanitizer constantly and for everything, like cleaning their desks (really?).

Love this!  Apparently you can create your own texts.  I think my students would love this and it would certainly encourage reading for a purpose.

This is a neat idea.  There are always kids with "pieces" that don't finish what they're doing.  I'd need something to fit the size of a composition notebook. 

Make sure to check back tomorrow for more information about a 2nd grade blogger Facebook hop!  You'll be able to pick up over 20 freebies and enter a huge giveaway!


  1. There are some great pins here! I would have never thought about the rubber band on the hand sanitizer or the straw for a pencil dispenser. Neat!
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  2. Love all your pins! Let me know if you find the pencil dispenser cheaper because I definitely want one! Love the rubberband on the sanitizer! And, I'm on my way to check out the texting! Thanks for sharing and I'll be back tomorrow!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  3. LOVE the texting idea! Especially for my fourth graders they like anything technology-related. Thanks for sharing! :)
    Cute in the Classroom.

  4. That text app is so cool. Thank you for sharing that. I can see how the kiddos would get into that. And I love the What do you do during Daily 5 in pictures. That's a great post, I love seeing exactly how different teachers set up their centers. Great pins.



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