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Whaaaat?!  Check out those numbers!  I just had my 200 followers giveaway at the start of the month so I am shocked.  It looks like I better get planning/creating something great for all of you.  

Today is the last day for the 2nd grade Facebook freebie hop.  Make sure to check it out if you haven't.  I'm sure that first/third grade teachers can find some great stuff too!   You will find the following two freebies on my page for the rest of the day:

You can find my Facebook page here and you can find all participating bloggers and their links starting here at Tori's Teacher Tips.  You are looking for the little blog hop button.  Have fun!  

I saw a couple of linky parties offering advice for new teachers and thought I'd join up.  It's weird to think that I am entering my 9th year of teaching.  That means I have been teaching a while and should have some advice to give right?  It's funny, because I still think of myself as young and learning my way around...I guess that's just the profession.  The learning never stops.  Now that I am in my 30's, I guess I'm not that young anymore!  I'm not a new teacher, but I still like reading the advice everyone else offers too.

Buy:  You can do anything as long as you have books in your classroom!  Your students need books and you will likely not be provided with anything other than a reading series.  Go to tag sales, look on Ebay, library sales, ask friends with kids, etc.  Get as many books as you can in your room.

Always:  Remember that you have new, innovative ideas that others would benefit from too.  Make sure to share you ideas with others and they will share with you in return.

Never:  Don't appear to be unprepared.  We all feel that way, don't worry.  The key word is appear.  No one sees inside your drawers!  But keep yourself organized, be on time, bring what you need to meetings, know your standards, etc.  

Find:  You need to find people you want to be like.  People who do things you hope to do one day.  It gives you motivation and a direction to head in.

Make:  Copy your things ahead of time!  Don't wait until the day of.  Our copier breaks all the time, there is a line, etc.  Also find a time when you know that no one is around.  For me, it is 6:15 AM.  I can copy all I want without anyone bothering me then.  Much easier than waiting in line.

Be:  Open to change.  Don't turn into one of those people who does the same thing year after year after year, just because it is less work.  Everything changes...curriculum, students, environment...everything.  Our teaching needs to change too.  I doubt anyone has every had a perfect year, when every lesson was just perfect.  Change it up.

  • Please ask for help!  We won't think negatively of you.  I would rather someone ask for help than be struggling.  We all need help!
  • If you collaborate with others, you will have less work to do.  You won't be able to do everything yourself.  Find people who teach like you and work together.
  • Going along with above, you won't be able to do everything you want.  I still haven't.  Pick and choose what is most important and focus on a few things.
  • Get your students' parents to like you and work together with you.  They need to be your partners!
  • Like I said above, get books for your classroom.  We all want "stuff" (myself included) but the books are the most important.
  • Use technology as much as you can, even if you have to bring it in yourself.  Our students need to be prepared for the world they are entering.  Plus, it is a whole lot more engaging.
  • Make time to, I still haven't mastered this one and it's worse now with blogging, but if anyone has figured it out let me know!  My relaxing consists of watching TV when I just can't work anymore.  But, it's important to not wear yourself out because the exhaustion shows in your teaching.

I hope some of this was helpful to someone and good luck!

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  1. Wow! That blog hop looks so cool! I wish I could be apart of that!

    24/7 Teacher: Amy Harrod

  2. Thanks for the great tips!! I love "Don't APPEAR to be unprepared." This is going to help me so much in my first year!

    Miss, Hey Miss!

  3. This post was full of such wonderful advice! :) Thanks for sharing your passion with others! :) I'm so glad to have found you through the linky! :) I'll be working on doing more relaxing myself here as the summer progresses! I hope you and I can BOTH get better at that! :) Really great to meet you today! :)

    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade


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