Teach Like a Pirate - Chapter 1

I must confess, I only just now realized why the book is called Teach Like a PIRATE...the first section of the book is divided into the following parts:  Passion, Immersion, Rapport, Ask/Analyze, Transformation, and Enthusiasm (notice the pirate acronym?).  Then the second part of the book is all about creating engaging lessons for your students.

It is a quick read.  I haven't had a lot of team and made it through the first couple of chapters just before bed last night.  It sort of feels like the author is just talking to you so if you were wondering whether or not you have the time, it won't take too much.

So the very first section of the book is about passion - content, professional, and personal.  The author acknowledges that we cannot be passionate about everything ALL the time...but we can be passionate about something.  For example, when you aren't feeling passionate about the content you are specifically teaching, you can at least feel passionate about your profession and reaching your students.  I completely agree that passion is everything and it is something many of us are losing as testing takes over our profession.  I think blogging has been a great way for me to get some of the passion back.  Here are my passions, as discussed in the book.

Content:  I am most passionate about teaching reading...to individuals or small groups using books at their levels and working on the skills and strategies they need to be better readers.  I really feel like this is where all the difference can be made.  I am not very passionate about whole group lessons, though if I had to choose it would be teaching reading comprehension strategies using mentor texts.

Profession:  It's weird, of course we all got into the profession to change kids' lives and make a difference...but as time goes on I honestly find myself getting more and more  passionate about educational policy and making a difference in the entire system of education and teaching as a profession...much beyond just impacting the kids within my classroom walls.  I can get very intense when it comes to differences in curriculum between states, testing, accountability, etc.  A lot of this started when I moved across the country and couldn't believe the differences.

Personal:  I think I need to work on this area because I don't leave much time for it.  I think I am a technology geek...I am interested and trying out all the newest gadgets.  My newest hobby has been blogging and I've been more admiring and thinking about arts and crafts rather than actually making them!  I think I've sort of just given everything to my job and school and not made time for myself. 

What are your passions?  Head over to Third Grade Tidbits to link up.


  1. This book is in my Amazon shopping cart. Today is my 2nd day of vacation and I just haven't started my professional reading. I always need a week or so off but I'll be ready soon.

  2. I love that you are so passionate about the entire system of education. I have a hard time with my personal passions too. I have a TON of them, just not enough hours in a day. I find that teaching and doing things for my classroom and bettering myself (including blogging) has become one of my personal passions. I mean even simple- label buckets for next year. Doesn't seem big but I got so excited to do it haha. Thanks for linking up!
    Third Grade Tidbits

  3. I agree - I was just talking yesterday to my bestie (also a teacher) and we were saying that teaching is sort of my job and my hobby. When I am not teaching, I am thinking about what else I can do. I think we are super lucky in that way - I don't think many people love their jobs this much! Loving this book!

  4. Hi~I didn't do a post on the book so I can't link up, but wanted to comment about how much I loved it! So empowering! :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  5. It's so important to take time for yourself! It's so easy as a passionate teacher to just get lost in it all!

    Rowdy in First Grade


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