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School is out!  Actually it has been out since last Thursday and has taken me this long to recover and begin functioning again.  I have spent the last three days taking naps, watching TV, and just being entirely L-A-Z-Y!  I'm the type of person who just needs to be really busy...otherwise I find it hard to get much of anything done at all.  I had to get up this morning to work on curriculum writing tasks at school {which I am doing for the next three weeks} so today was a bit more normal for me, without the kids of course!

I have still been blog stalking, but not actively participating so it's time to get back into the swing of things.  I have enjoyed reading everyone's summer bucket lists, so here's what I hope to accomplish:


I had wanted to do a book study on this book, but everyone else is waaaaay ahead of me on that aspect, but I did order it and plan to read it this summer anyway.

I also picked up the Book Whisperer by chance at the Scholastic Book Warehouse sale.

I did want to join an online book study, so I bought the Kindle version of this book to join in last night.  I think it starts tomorrow so I need to get started...

I have this book on Reading Workshop that I have never read as well if I have the time.

I've also had Sophie Kinsella's newest book on my iPad for a while just waiting to be read.

{Organize my Files}
And everything else...  I have too many computers and devices.  My desktop is a disaster!  I think Dropbox is calling my name.  Also, Simply Second posted today about a graphics organizer for Mac called Pixa.  I think I will be checking that out as well.

I say this every summer, but I really want to be prepared for the upcoming year!  I think this will go along with creating products because I can just create what I need.  I spending June working on curriculum maps and assessments for my grade, so a lot of that will be done.

{Visit Family}
I have niece and nephew that live in Massachusetts (with the rest of my family).  I only get to see them once or twice a year, so I am looking forward to going home at the end of June.

my nephew Brady

my niece Maddie (Madison)

I feel like there is still so much more to learn about blogging!  For example, I  just had to figure out how to embed the pins below...I was thinking about doing Teaching Blog Traffic School this summer.  Would anyone recommend (or not recommend) it?  I need to set up a Facebook page as well and get back into Pinterest as well as look into the blog planners I keep seeing.  Plus, I want to make products again...I sort of stopped a couple of months back.

{Pinterest Crafts}
There are lots of crafts and things I want to make from Pinterest!  Here are some things that I have been eyeing:

I have been seeing all sorts of neat things that can be done with Washi tape (which I had never heard of before this weekend) like decorating binder clips, pencils, and even keyboards!  The above keyboard looks amazing to me...My keyboard is black so I have to do some more googling to see how it would look.    But I am definitely going to order some tape!  4Mula Fun has an easy tutorial on the binder clips as well as some links for purchasing the tape.

I want to make these seat crates!

And decorate some plastic drawers to hide what's inside.

I've been wanting to make these clipboards as well.

I've also been saving the Crystal Light containers so that I can use them for something.


I'd really like to go here, but the pool will have to do...

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