Monday Made It End of Year Freebies

I was feeling pretty badly for forgetting to order books for my students through Scholastic, so I scoured Pinterest this weekend and come up with a couple of things I could afford to do for both of my classes and I think they came out pretty well!

I decided to make the Kool-Aid and silly straws that I have been seeing everywhere and then picked up some bubbles as well, which is something I did last year.  I found the straws 6/$1 at the Dollar Tree.  The bubbles were 3/$1 at the Dollar Tree.

These were really easy to make.  I just made a tag (see below) and punched a whole through the tag and the Kool-Aid.  Then I tied then around the straw and with ribbon and curled it.

I then taped it to the front of the folders I made them to take home on the last day of school with report cards, summer reading logs, a website list, etc.

I stopped by Office Depot to pick up some colored paper and I found these neon labels on the clearance rack.  They were only three dollars!  I am assuming they are too ugly for any business to use, but worked perfectly for me!

To make the bubbles, I peeled off the sticker (came off easily) and stuck on my own label instead.  I put the smiley stickers on top because the covers looked plain and they were all I had at home!

Click on the image above to download the Krazy Kool summer tags.

Click on the image above to download the Bubbles of Fun labels (these are aligned to print on 2 in X 4 in address label sheets).

I also got busy on my students' awards.  We get some awards given to use by the school to complete, like perfect attendance and honor roll, but not something for everyone.  I have seen all kinds of great awards floating around, but I didn't want to waste so much ink.  So instead I just printed on top of some paper I already had with a cool border around it.

I used the above design for the awards I made up myself.

Then I printed every student one of the above for completing the grade.
Click on either of the above images to download the editable templates for your own use.  You can edit the fonts, colors, and text as needed to match your needs.

The fonts used were LS Neat (available here) and Topsy Turvy (available here from Creative Clips).  The actual front on my computer is called CreativeFont1...and I can't find that anywhere but Topsy Turvy is pretty close and hopefully that's where it came from.  If anyone knows better, let me know!

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