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This week's mentor text theme with Collaboration Cuties is ELA.  I am actually taking a writing class right now for my Master's degree and I am supposed to be writing a mentor text unit.  I don't really have much done so far, but I know I am focusing on narrowing down ideas to a small moment.  I chose this because my students tend to take the list route and have a hard time focusing in on one moment.  So, I found and ordered a book that is perfect for this! 

The book tells the story of a little girl's first roller coaster ride.  It starts with her waiting in line with others and gives a description of a roller coaster.  Along the way the girl describes how some people (implying her) have never ridden a roller coaster, are afraid to ride one, or change their mind while in line.  The text and pictures are very simply and help the reader to know how the girl is feeling.  She gets on the roller coaster and goes through the twists and turns (expressed with large, twisted words on the page) and the story ends with the girl telling how some people choose to ride the roller coaster again right away (meaning her)!

I just ordered this book on Amazon last week and now it isn't there anymore...which is very strange...sorry about that or I'd include some sample pages!!

Listening:  Yes, my husband cooks more than I do.  I'd just eat junk otherwise...but actually I've been really busy finishing up end of year awards, paper work, and grad school assignments today so I don't feel too bad.

Loving:  Four and a half more days of school for me!  Then we have one and a half work days.  We get to leave Friday at 1:30.

Thinking:  I am getting paid to work on assessments during June...but really I wish I could just stay home and do whatever I want instead.

Wanting:  I am going home to Massachusetts for a week at the very end of the month.  But I am going to see family and my husband is staying here.  I'm thinking I need to plan a real, restful vacation sometime this summer as well!

Needed:  I've been so busy the past week or two with end of year stuff and my class.  I have so many bloggers I need to respond to and linky parties I need to follow up on.  I will get to you all soon, I promise!

3 Vacation Essentials:  I'm extremely pale so sunscreen is a must, I love my purple sunglasses, and I can go anywhere without my phone!


  1. Hey Jessica,
    I agree- this book is fantastic for teaching focus and small moments! It's a great topic that a lot of students can connect with.
    Have fun at home- I grew up in central Mass. and lived/taught in Houston after college... small world!
    Creating a Thoughtful Classroom

  2. Enjoy your last days of school and just think about that extra $$ you'll be making in June. I am teaching summer school so I feel your pain! Done with one thing but already thinking about another.... :) Lattes and Laughter

  3. This is one of my favorite lessons. It was one of my first posts ever in Blog World! :) Great minds think a like. :) Have a great day!
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  4. This looks like a great way to narrow in on a small moment! I don't have this book! Hopefully Amazon will get it back because it sounds like a great idea!

    I'm working 2 weeks of June too. I'm wondering what I was thinking as well...

    Thanks for linking up!
    Collaboration Cuties

  5. Hi Jessica,

    That book sounds great - I will have to check it out.

    Your trip sounds like a nice getaway!

    I am working a few days in June for no pay. :(

    Only a few more days now.....

    Learning in the Little Apple

  6. This is a great book, I just read it to my class a couple of weeks ago. I also used it to teach about small moments.


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