Five for Friday & 200 Follower Giveaway Help

It's Friday!  And it is my first weekday off since school ended!  (I'm working Monday through Thursday during the month of June.)  I'm still in my pajamas...  

I made a Facebook page for my blog today!  I have been "liking" a lot of blog and designer pages lately and so my Facebook feed was all mixed up.  Now I can keep personal separate from blogging. I followed the tutorial posted by Collaboration Cuties and though I needed a little bit of their help, it wasn't too hard.  I did get stuck a couple of times though...My blog header picture is too big.  I tried to resize it, etc. but it didn't work out because it got all smushed and fuzzy or just plain cut off the words.  

The way I have it now looks about as good as it is going to get I think unless I make something else.  Even though it is cut off, at least it is clear and you can read the words. (The first one about doesn't look too bad here, but it looked awful on the screen.)

I also had trouble figuring out how to comment and like pages with the name Literacy Spark instead of my own.  That was actually a simple fix.  You have to click the settings button in the top right corner and specify which name you want to use Facebook as.

Help me out and like my page.  As you can see above I have only 2 likes and I think one of them is me!!

Click the button above to find my page (click to the left of the little Pinterest button that pops up...).  Thanks!

I also added some social media buttons to my blog.  You can find them at the top right corner of my page.  I feel really techy!  I don't know how people know all that they do about html because after a while it just seems very confusing to me.  I followed the tutorial from this blog:  My Favourite Things  But, they open in the same window.  Does anyone know how to make them open in a new tab?

I bought the icons from Etsy because I was too lazy to take the time to make my own!  Here is the link to the store I purchased them from.  They are available in tons of colors and designs.  The purchase comes in two sizes and has 20 different icons.  There was not a TpT icon, but I emailed the creator and she sent me one within ten minutes.  So, if you are looking for some buttons, check out this shop!

I also added the hovering "pin it" button to my blog template.  You should see the little purple Pinterest icon (same as above) in the bottom right hand corner of my pictures when you hover over them.  For that, I followed this tutorial that Ideas by Jivey shared with me.

I have been unwrapping standards and creating curriculum maps all week.  It's hard work!  I think everyone was confused and wanted to quite after the first day, but we are getting the hang of it.  Next week, we need to create assessments for the standards we have selected.  It is a lot of work now, but it will be helpful to have it all done for next year.  

So my district is looking to hire an elementary dean of instruction (not really sure why they are called "deans" here...seems sort of formal).  We have been working with the secondary dean of instruction on this curriculum work and she asked me whether I had a Master's degree and mentioned that the position had been posted.  So I'm wondering if I should apply.  I will be finished Master's degree in curriculum and instruction this fall.  (The requirements say that a Master's degree is preferred and that a year of administrative experience is preferred.)  I don't know if it is a ridiculous thought or not.  Part of me feels like she wouldn't have mentioned it to me if it was...Since I work in the district I just have to submit a letter of intent so I was thinking of just giving it a shot. 

Hmmm...I haven't been doing much this week except working, coming home, doing my classwork, and watching TV...sort of lazy...  Here's what I have been watching:

I've been watching this on Netflix.  It is pretty good if you like love triangle dramas.

My husband has been watching these new episodes.  I watched the originals but am sort of lost with the new ones since I am only half listening and even though it is a funny show, it sort of takes a lot of attention.

I don't know why I still watch this, but I do...

Who are you routing for?  I love country music, so I am going for Blake and Danielle.

I have reached 198 followers on my blog and want to get together a 200 follower giveaway!  (It makes me feel better about my 2 Facebook followers!)

If you are willing to help me out with that please fill out the form below.  Thank you so much for all of your support!


  1. Congrats on almost 200 followers and all your work on your blog and Facebook page! I need to do a little updating to my blog this summer!

  2. Just filled out your form and liked your FB page! All the additions to your blog are adorable too! Here's to the next 200!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  3. Congrats on the impending 200!
    I signed up to donate to your giveaway. Good Luck

    Digital: Divide & Conquer

  4. Yes...apply, apply, apply! I applied for a position on my campus this year and I haven't even heard back for an interview, but I figure atleast I tried.


  5. Liked your Fb page for you! You have been busy learning all this tech stuff!
    Conversations in Literacy

  6. Just liked your FB page! Congrats on being so close to 200 followers- just filled out the form to donate. :) Um and definitely apply for the position- I agree, why would she have mentioned it to you if she didn't want you to consider applying? Never hurts to try!
    Learning to the Core

  7. I'm going to work on my FB page this summer. It is a little confusing to like pages and all. Just filled our your form, congrats on almost 200!!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  8. Signing up for the giveaway! And I just liked you!!! I'd love to see some of the CC stuff you're working on-we had training this week and I don't think anyone feels trained. I wish we knew more!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  9. I just made 199 :-) You're getting super close.

    room 4 imagination

  10. We haven't signed up for FB yet. Good work getting yours set up. We are happy to help you out with your giveaway!
    Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  11. Yayy! I was your 200th follower - congrats! Your icons look great!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  12. I just clicked over and "liked" ya! And I definitely think you should apply for that job! :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  13. Congrats on your 200 followers! I'm hoping I can make 100 by the end of summer.

    The Teacher's Desk 6

  14. Congratulations on your milestone! i filled out the form and I'm super excited to be a part of your celebration!

    1. After filling out your form, I decided I would rather offer Winner's Choice. Will that be too much trouble to change it?

  15. Thanks for the fb tip- that has been bugging me for ages! Congrats on 200 & I've filled out the form to be part of your giveaway :)

  16. Congrats on reaching 200!! I just joined up for your giveaway, thanks for letting me participate!! :)

    Fashion Craze Learning Days

  17. Congratulations! So exciting! I just joined your giveaway!! :)


    Learning to the Core

  18. I don't know how you do everything you do! I guess I need to find more motivation?? Reading this post has made me feel super lazy, especially because I'm NOT working this summer like you are, and haven't even accomplished 1/4 of what you have!

    P.S. You should apply for that position!!! You'd give our district a run for their money big time and they need to hire more people like you if they want to catch up with the times!


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