Turning up the Heat with Vocabulary Instruction Linky Party!

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I'm wondering how you all integrate vocabulary instruction into your daily routine.    In order to keep all these ideas together, I thought I'd start a linky for it!

When I first started at my school, the basal was pretty much followed from start to finish.  So, the students learned the vocabulary words that went along with the story and took a test each week.

Since then, we have strayed from the basal to better meet the standards we are supposed to be teaching, or at picked it apart.  So, we no longer cover one story a week.  Teaching in Texas, numerical grades are a fact of life, but we have tried to lesson these as much as possible, therefore we don't need a vocabulary grade every single week.

We do work on vocabulary strategies, such as using context clues, synonyms/antonyms, prefixes/suffixes, etc. throughout the year, but not necessarily with specific words.

I always felt like the words in the basal were easy and they really just memorized things for that week.  So this year we tried a word of the day approach using this book from Evan Moor.

I've actually been impressed with the words they have learned. They also recognize them in other contexts.  We complete a half sheet like below from Ladybug's Teaching Files for each word and the students have them in a three prong folder.  Writing the synonyms and antonyms has increased their word knowledge as well.  We just assess them on the words once every six weeks.

So, now that this year is ending, it is time to think about next year and what our team wants to do.  We all take the same grades, so we have to come to an agreement.  I would love to know what you all do!  I feel like they should be getting some explicit vocabulary instruction, both words and skills, but not necessarily a list a week and not necessarily directly correlated to a weekly story since we don't teach that way anymore.  Or is just teaching the skills and then sporadically teaching individual words enough?  I don't know...  

Share what works for you!  Anything related to vocabulary instruction is fair game.  Please include the button below and don't forget to link up!

Fonts and Graphics by Ashley Hughes, Creative Clips, and Dancing Crayon Designs.

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  1. Hi Jessica,
    Love this linky idea! I've been sharing ideas about vocabulary instruction lately, too. Your post was perfectly timed for me. :)
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