Tried It Tuesday - Toontastic

Last Friday afternoon, after completing our final graded assignments, one of my classes had some extra time and were playing around I mean working really hard on the iPads.  The number one app they've been eyeing and dying to try was Toontastic.  They were clever enough to tell me it was related to reading and writing because it was a story maker, so I let them have at it.

Toontastic is a FREE app that basically guides students towards creating their own mini movie in a cartoon format.  It is very child friendly and easy to use.  It starts off by explaining the story arc shown below.  My students seem to have missed that part because I noticed they were just creating multiple stories.  

It comes with some free settings, characters, and music.  Of course, there are additional sets available for purchase.  There is also a paint option students can use to draw their own settings and characters.

So the kids go through and choose a setting, add characters, and then record their animation.  At this time, they can move the characters around the screen and talk at the same time.  All of this gets recorded.

Afterwards, they choose music for their scene.  This part is sort of neat because there are all sorts of emotions at the bottom of the screen.  The music changes depending on the emotion chosen.  Then, the app moves onto the next scene.

After they finished their movies, the app asked for an e-mail address.  So I registered my e-mail so that they could use it to publish their movies.  After they submit my e-mail address, it e-mails me the video for approval to ensure that it is okay to be made public on Toon Tube.  It will then place all approved videos into a personal channel created by the parent or teacher to be accessed from the internet.

So below is a sample video from one of my students.  Keep in mind, they were just playing around with it.  It starts sort of slow as she is figuring out what to do, but as it kept going it had me cracking up.  I definitely think it would be a great app to use to publish creative writing.


  1. LOVE toontastic! My kids did this with their 4th grade buddies earlier this year :) so fun!!

  2. Our media specialist has used this with my students and they went crazy for it! (It's like a reward!)
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  3. This would be so wonderful for creative writing!! I have it pinned and want to give this a try in these last couple weeks when we have some downtime:) Thanks so much for sharing!
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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