School Supplies for NEXT Year!

Pinkadots Elementary is hosting their first linky about school supplies for NEXT year!  I also just realized they are from my home state of Connecticut so I had to link up.

We had to finalize our school supply for next year a month or two ago.  We are not allowed to send home individual is sent home by the school for each grade level.  The PTO sets something up with a school supply company so that the parents can simply place an order and have it all delivered for next year or they can buy everything themselves elsewhere. 

We have A LOT of stuff on our school supplies list...We have 12 teachers on our team, so it is hard to agree on everything so some people end up with things they don't need, I'm sure.  But at the same time, we receive NOTHING from our school...not so much as a box of pencils.  So much of it really is needed.  Plus there are many kids who simply bring nothing at all or just a couple of things.  

Without further explanation, here it is:

Here are some school supplies that I love for myself:


  1. Thanks for linking up! Where in CT were you from? How did you end up in TX? I can't believe you don't get ANYTHING from your school, I'd go crazy! Great supply list, that's really neat that your PTO handles ordering for parents! You have a beautiful blog, I'm happy to be your new follower! :)
    Pinkadots Elementary

  2. I have been in love with Mr. Sketch markers since I was a kid! They are the greatest markers by far. Also, who can live without post-its?!

    Eclectic Educating

  3. I love binder clips!! This summer I plan on trying to add washi tape to jazz up the plain black ones! So sad that I have to put something as simple as that on the my summer to do list but I am maxed out right now!!

  4. Wow! That is a big list! I love Mr. Sketch markers but now I like Scentos even more :)
    Polka Dot Kinders

  5. I need some Mr. Sketch markers too! Love them!


  6. I'd have to triple about half of those items. Where is your construction paper & manilla paper??

    This year, I'm sending home a big list with our 2nd Graders. BIG. I'll do this linky over the weekend...Scandal is coming on (haha).

  7. I CAN"T live without my Mr.Sketch markers!!! Excited to follow you!

    Two Friends In First

  8. I totally understand not receiving student supplies from your school. My school does not supply anything for student use either. Fine point Sharpies and Mr. Sketch markers are always on my personal list.

    Foreman Teaches


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