May Currently

I'm 9 days behind, but I did't want to miss Farley's May currently!  My first blog post ever was the January currently.

Listening:  I watch TV a lot in background while I am doing other things.  My husband hardly ever I have to limit my complaints of his choices, which never correspond with anything that I'd be interested in watching!

Loving:  I'm really ready for summer to be here...

Thinking:  A coworker of mine has started her own blog!  She's been working her way through TpT while I've been working my way through blogging and now she's decided to cross over!  Stop by and visit her blog (which is still a work in progress) at The Educated Crown.

Wanting: I hate cooking!  Actually, I think it's more of me being a picky eater.  Either way, I'm too tired to make real dinner when I get home.  I'm too tired to go to a restaurant too, so I'll have to wait until the weekend comes.

Needing:  I have a theme...I'm tired.

Summer Bucket List:  I can't wait to have time to create things that I can use next year!

Head over to Oh' Boy Fourth Grade to link up if you haven't.  There have been over 400 link ups!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! This blogging thing has been interesting and I appreciate your help BIG TIME!

    And I have to add for all your followers- you are the most picky eater I know *correction* that I have ever known :)

  2. I also have big plans to prep for next year and make goodies for TPT!

    Mrs. Magee
    First Grade Brain

  3. Found you through Currently - super cute blog! Sooo jealous of the flowers your student gave you. I'm already working on next year too (I also have an assistant much like the one you have pictured on the left - and just as helpful).

  4. Love your blog! I found you through this month's Currently. Love your assistant!! I haven't started working on things for next year. But after Monday, I might!


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