Mentor Text Linky - Math Theme

I am linking up with Collaboration Cuties for their weekly mentor text linky.  This week, the theme is math.  I don't teach math anymore so I had to do a little more thinking to remember my favorite books.  Many of them had already been linked up by others!

But here is a good one for teaching beginning multiplication and repeated addition - Each Orange Had 8 Slices by Paul Giganti, Jr.

It has wonderful illustrations, descriptions, and questions for engaging students.  They can draw their own pictures and answer the questions by writing repeated addition and/or multiplication number sentences.  I also like that the situations are representative of real life situations.  My school library happens to have a big book of this text, which is great for doing the actual counting.

Enjoy the final day of your weekend!


  1. This looks like a great book! I haven't seen it before. Happy to be your newest follower!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  2. This is a great book. After I use it in my classroom I give the kids tangerines or Cuties. We predict the number of slices, then check to see if we are right, and then we EAT! (I use one of those two fruits because they are easier to peel!) I also have the kids make posters with similar problems on them! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Carol @ Teachers Are Terrific!

  3. I forgot about this book! I do like it for starting multiplication!!
    ideas by jivey

  4. This is a new book for me. Thanks for sharing. I'm pinning it for next year so I remember to use it when I start multiplication!
    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  5. I also forgot about this book! I'm pretty sure I have it...of maybe I've just used it...hmmmm

    I love that it applies to real life too!!

    I'm so thrilled you linked up even though you don't teach math! That is so sweet and supportive of you!

    Collaboration Cuties

  6. I just saw this text used in a lesson about arrays and repeated addition as well. I must get my hands on it! Thanks for sharing how you use it...

    Sarah @ Hoots N' Hollers


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