Manic Monday Research Report Freebie

We worked on taking notes for our research project ALL last week.  It was a struggle to get some students to write things in their *own* words, but they generally did pretty well.  For the most part, they all organized their notes correctly and were able to place the information under the correct questions.  They had to answer six questions, three on each side.

We gathered information from books, encyclopedias in the library, World Book online encyclopedia, and other websites using the iPads.  This week their job is to turn each question/heading into a paragraph.  So I made them a template to organize the paper.  

The boxes are for putting in the name of their animal.  You can click here to access the PDF of the template and here to access the PPT in case you want to edit the headings or lines.  I wasn't too worried about leaving a place for pictures, other than on the front page, because we are also making posters.

(I used a free border from Creative Clips - so I think it is okay that I linked to the editable version.  If you open the PPT, it might look funny if you don't have the correct font on your computer.  It's "fontmoochers" from Kevin and Amanda.)

Who else is going to get stuck watching basketball tonight instead of The Voice?  Thank goodness for Hulu!


  1. Jessica, this is so cute! I miss my grade two's...I had to download this just in case there is hope for returning to grade two soon.

  2. I didn't make it all the way through the game...but I am completely in love with your research report freebie....thanks so much for making my life easier and enhancing my kids' lives, too.


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