Let's Get Acquainted & Peace Linky

This week's getting acquainted theme is the three most favorite parts of your classroom.

1.  My Promethean Board...I do not think I could teach with out it anymore!  We use it all day long and do everything with it!!

2.  Cabinets...My previous classrooms have either not had a lot of cabinet space or they were not covered.  This room has plenty AND they have doors, which is awesome because it helps give me more storage space as well as more places to display stuff.  I also like that there is space on top of them because it allows me to keep all the extra books I'm not using out of the way, but still easy reachable...sort of, I have to climb up on the counter.

3.  Library...I love all my books!  The rainbow chevron carpet came from Big Lots for twenty bucks.  I have one of those multi head colored lamps from Target over here which the kids love too.  At this time of year, the wire cubes all start to fall apart though which drives me crazy! 

Some sweet bloggers are hosting a Peace, Hope, Love, and Kindness linky party.  You can link up at any time to share anything that has touched your heart.

I would like to give a big thank you to Crystal from Kreative in Kinder.  In just a few days she was able to raise $20,000 for teachers and students in West, TX. That is amazing and so thoughtful of her to put in all the effort to do so. 

I always love all of the cute quotes that are found all over Pinterest, so I thought I'd share one for each word.






  1. I want everyone of those posters!! Love them! Thanks for linking up!! :)

  2. Oh, I knew there was one other bloggy fundraiser I wanted to blog about that I saw you talk about but I'm so glad that you linked up and did it since I forgot!!!

    Yay! I looooove those posters!! That's perfect!!!

    (I have cabinets too, but I haven't put anything on them...I haven't decided what I want to put on there but it's gonna be good when I figure it out...at the end of the year...LOL!)

    Collaboration Cuties

  3. I love a good quote on a poster to make me stop and think. These are very inspirational and reminds me of what is important. Thanks for sharing:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  4. LOVE THOSE POSTERS! What a great idea to share! Thanks!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  5. Thanks for sharing your class and these fabulous posters.
    Sandra Farrell
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