Five for Friday

Time to link up with Kacey for Five for Friday!


After three full weeks and lots of rainy, stormy weather, we finally got in our 8 days of swimming lessons.  We are FINISHED!  The majority of the kids were actually able to jump off the diving board at the end, too.


Sophie Kinsella's newest book came out this week.  I cannot wait to read it this  weekend!


We were able to finalize our countdown and get it approved.  Thanks to everyone who shared theirs!  Unfortunately, we don't get to start until this Wednesday, so I am jealous of everyone who has already begun!  We are particularly looking forward to Q - treat your teacher like a queen for the day.  Click on the image to download the editable version.


We found out this week that our principal is leaving at the end of the year.  It makes me quite apprehensive about what next year will bring.  I feel like change will be good for my school, but of course only the changes I believe in!  I was also waiting to find out if my district would put forth the money for a reading interventionist, as there was a good chance that I could have the position, but it is definitive that we will not have one.


One of the things that was emphasized over and over at the conference I attended this past weekend was student choice in reading materials.  So, since we had been reading a folk tale called "Half-Chicken" in our reading book, I had all of my students choose a fairy tale, folk tale, or fable that they wanted to read and compare the story elements to the story we had all read together.  They were really so much more into their work because they were able to choose what they were reading.


  1. I got my copy of Sophie Kinsella's book in the mail today, too! I can't wait to dive in!
    Polka Dot Kinders

  2. I love Sophie Kinsella - I will have to check that one out. I like the poster - we have had so much change in our district this year and that poster should have been up in our lounge.

    It makes for a great day when reading lessons go well!
    Learning in the Little Apple

  3. Wow, what fun y'all will have the last 26 days! Wish I would have seen that sooner. We are past our 26 day :) :).

  4. I definitely agree about giving students choices. I am trying to incorporate that more into my reading intervention groups. Our principal just announced that she is leaving too. I definitely understand your apprehensive. I am getting the impression that our school is in for a lot of changes.

    Eclectic Educating

  5. I teach first grade and for our q we do quick races and have fun relay races either outside or in the gym... Like jump rope races, hopping races, side skip races....


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