Workshop Wednesday: Graphic Organizers

So I've seen the rule about not posting twice in one day floating around, but I was so intent on getting the Rafflecopter to work for my giveaway down below, that I did not plan ahead!

I am linking up with Ideas by Jivey for Workshop Wednesday: Graphic Organizers.

I'll be honest, I don't use graphic organizers as much as I used to mostly because we have to ration paper and I generally don't like having lots of "papers" around my room because I need clean desks and organization, something second graders don't fully grasp!  So, when I do use them, I print them two two a page so they can be glued into their reading response composition notebooks.  I will also put them up on my Promethean board a lot and we will complete them together.

If you head back to Jivey's blog, she actually has some half sheet graphic organizers for sale.  It's a great idea...I never thought of just making them that way!  As I write this, I'm thinking it might be helpful to put my favorites in sheet protectors and have them available for use in small groups that way.  Or laminate a few and bind them for every student to use all year.

Anyways, my favorite graphic organizer is the classic Venn diagram.  We use them all the time in first and second to compare and contrast story elements.  Below is one I had made for us to use this year to maximize the space.  The kids have big handwriting and I can't stand it when there is no room to write anything in the middle!  The second one has lines.  We are required to collect a lot of grades, so it helps the kids know how much they have to do, organize their thoughts so it can easily be read, and also with comparing apples to apples when completing it.  I just grade it out of ten.

Just click the images to download the documents.  I put up the Publisher files, so you can change the wording in the directions if you want.  They refer to the folktales we were comparing using story maps.  (Side note:  I was testing the link and Google says it can't generate a preview...I assume because it is a Publisher file?  They download fine though.)

I tend to get the majority of the graphic organizers I use from the FCRR (Florida Center for Reading Research).  If you've never heard of it, you MUST check it out.  They have all sorts of center activities.  They are organized in grade clusters and by the five core components of reading.  There is so much that I find new stuff every time I look through the files.  They have awesome graphic organizers for comprehension and vocabulary.

Here are just a few of my favorites to use:

 They are ALL free and there is so much more!  Click on the images to go to the site where you can download the materials.  Be sure to check out the grade levels just above and below yours as well!


  1. I love FCRR too!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I use FCRR often as well. However, I've never seen that inferring one. Under what link is it? I check 2nd grade comprehension literary.

  3. I've never heard of FCRR before-thanks so much for sharing!
    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  4. To save on copies I have my students create their own graphic organizers. They draw them or fold paper into boxes. I feel if the create it then they have a better understanding on what and why information goes on it.


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