Truth revealed and a printer deal!

Thank you to everyone who tried to guess my lie.  Here are the answers:

1. I refuse to eat anything with tomatoes, including pizza, spaghetti sauce, and ketchup.  This is TRUE!  I HATE sauce.  I also never hear the end of it.  I order my pizza without tomato sauce, spaghetti with butter, and if I eat fast food - I get the cheeseburgers plain.  I've always been like that.  When I was younger my parents would try to make me eat it, but they eventually gave up after i continued to wipe ketchup off my hamburger before eating it.  Hey, at least I'm consistent!  No tomatoes!
2. I originally went to college to be a lawyer.  This is the LIE!  Although if I hadn't always wanted to be a teacher, I would have been a lawyer.  I still think about it sometimes.  I know I am a good debater!  Actually, I wish their was some sort of major in educational law.  I honestly feel like there is so much wrong with our education system today that I wish I could play more of a role in fixing it.
3. I went to high school with my husband, didn't talk to him for ten years, and then ended up married to him three years after that.  This is TRUE!  We did talk in high school a little, had a couple classes together, but we weren't friends.  Then years later we started talking a bit on Facebook, met up soon after when he was back in the area, and then a couple years later we got married in Greece (last summer)!  It makes it easy to see our families when we go back home, since we both grew up in the same town!
In other news, I have a printer story.  I think I got a great deal today.  Either that or I am naive.  We have a small HP laser printer that prints black and white.  I LOVE it.  It is so fast and has wireless connectivity.  The toner is expensive, but the printer was cheap and it seems to last a good amount of time.
Now, I have been printing color on an old HP Desk Jet, that I swear I have had since I was in my teens.  I've never been one to print a lot in color, mostly only at the start of the year.  A lot of times I will print black and white on color cardstock instead. 
 my dinosaur color printer

This year, we seem to have a steady supply of lamination (fingers crossed) at my school and having joined TpT, I've found a lot more things I would like to print in color.  The color ink for the desk jet is $42, so I started buying the cheaper kind on Amazon for like $15.  This morning I was printing my commas in a series packet and to my dismay the beautiful glittery rainbow colors looked like this:

It looks worse in person...all shades of blue...

Not good enough!  So I went to Office Depot to get new ink and when I walked in there was an HP printer on a table with a big sign that said $30 off (new price $40).  This new printer scans, copies, and prints color (must faster than my old one) and comes with both black and color ink.  And the ink cartridges are only $32 for both!  Now remember I said it was going to cost me $42 just to buy color ink for my old printer.  So of course I bought it and feel like I got a great deal because it was only $40!

HP Desk Jet 2512

It prints faster and looks so much better.  Check it out:

I can see all the colors!

It's not wireless, but my other one wasn't either obviously and the wireless ones seem to cost more, both for the printer and the ink.  A lot of them now require three color in cartridges?!  Of course, I'd love one of those color laser jet printers, but I don't know how anyone can afford all the toner!  What do you all use for a printer? Do you print a lot of color?

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