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Happy Easter!!

Congratulations to Melinda C. for winning my 100 follower giveaway!  Check your inbox!

I am linking up with Collaboration Cuties for their linky party about mentor texts.  This week you can share any text you'd like.  In the future, there will be weekly themes.  

I saw a couple of posts today about idioms and it reminded me of the following books which my students actually fight over...!

More Parts by Tedd Arnold

Even more parts by Tedd Arnold

We do officially cover idioms in second grade in Texas...phrases with multiple meanings...and these books explicitly illustrate the literal meanings of numerous idioms in a hilarious manner.

Here is a simple freebie on which students choose an idiom and then draw both the figurative and literal meaning.  They usual turn out really cute!  Click the image to access the Google Doc.

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And finally, I want to try my own linky party!  Anticipating the month ahead...short and simple!

Here are the rules:
  • Share one thing you are looking forward to during the month of April.
  • Share one thing you are dreading during the month of April.
  • Share one thing that you hope to accomplish during the month of April.
Graphics by Glitter Meets Glue

Here's my post...
  • I am REALLY looking forward to going to the International Reading Association Convention from April 19-22!  I get to travel to San Antonio for the weekend.  I am missing Friday and Monday of school too, which I hate but I've always wanted to go so I think it will be worth it!
  • I am dreaded taking my students to swimming lessons this month.  They walk across the street to the pool near our school every day for two weeks for a 45 minute lesson.  This is in addition to lunch, recess, and specials classes.  I am all for learning to swim, but I think it should be instead of PE or something.  When you add in the time it takes the kids to change before and after the lesson, there is no time left to do anything!
  • During this month I really hope to integrate the iPads I just received into my instruction.  It took a lot of time last week just to get the kids to learn how to turn them on, open apps, charge them, etc.  I hope to be past that point soon and be able to do some amazing things with them!
I hope you'll link up below and share about the upcoming month!


  1. Thank you for linking up! I love those books for idioms! I could not find them this year when I went to teach idioms (I moved classrooms again this year) and then I found the books when I was done teaching it, neatly hid in my figurative language binder that I forgot I had even made last year! Sheesh!!

    Thank you for the freebie!!

    I can NOT believe you have to take your students to swimming lessons! Whaaaaat? Wow. Talk about misuse of instructional time. I can see how you are dreading THAT! Do you have to swim??? :O/

    We will link up soon to your linky! It looks cute!!
    Collaboration Cuties

  2. Super cute linky! I will certainly link up with my next post!

    PS I was a swimmer all of my life so it made me laugh becuase you are so right by the time kids change and get reading there is not much time to actually practice haha!! I going to hope for your sake that lessons get better for your little ones!! :)

    Learning to the Core

  3. Thanks for hosting this fun linky party! I really enjoyed it!


  4. I took my kids to swimming lessons this year also. I missed my entire math block to take them, which made it really hard to figure out pacing. But on the bright side, I'm teach in a large city, and it is a really great experience for the kids. I was pretty envious of all the fun they had on swimming days!

    Thanks for hosting this linky party :-)


  5. Wow! I think it's so interesting that they have swimming lessons. I think it should have been switched out with PE so you don't miss too much instruction time. I do think it's an important skill though!

  6. I've never heard of kids having swimming lessons. That does take a lot of your time. Are they able to learn how to swim in just two weeks?

    Thanks for hosting this linky party.
    Have a great week.
    Third Grade Galore

  7. Thanks for hosting the linky. Love it! I cannot imagine taking students to swimming lessons! I went to daycare when I was young, and I can remember those two weeks in the summer when they took us to swimming lessons - boy that was a lot of fun and we looked so forward to it. I bet your students just love it! We usually have a "summer splash day" at the end of the year, so I do know how hard it is to make sure they have on their suit, put all their own clothes away, have a towel, change back into own clothes, etc. I can't imagine doing that every day for two weeks! Just thinking about it makes me feel like it would waste half of my day!

  8. I just got an iPad for the classroom and my kids love it! I couldn't imagine having a whole set! Great idea for the new linky, it was so much fun! I did my first ever linky this month as well (Monthly Market - April), great minds! I would love for you to head over and link up! I'm happy to be your newest follower :o)

    Teaching with a Touch of Twang

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